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A photograph is an opportunity to escape for a moment and immerse yourself in another time and place. Pink Floyd pictures tell the story of the band from the very early days before they were famous, right up to now, including everything in between. The photos are in categories then the pics are in chronological order. This helps you see the bands history over time. Grab a brew and enjoy these photographs.

If you have any pictures yourself, from concerts for example, please get in touch to share them.

Photos of Pink Floyd might transport you back to Syd Barrett’s back garden growing up. Perhaps David Gilmour images of him playing guitar on top of the great Wall! Perhaps an epic photograph of a Roger Waters tour seeing the amazing apparatus descending from the arena ceiling thrilling those below. Nick Mason pictures of his car collection might take your fancy or perhaps Richard Wright photos of him sailing his boat which he rather enjoyed.

What photographs will you immerse yourself in today? Here is a selection of my favourite Pink Floyd and related galleries that you might enjoy too. There is a good selection across Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. I have themed them up into time.

Early Days

Growing up is inevitable unfortunately but transport yourself back to when Pink Floyd members were children. Syd Barrett’s youth, David Gilmour in his youth could be interesting photos to see. Take a trip down memory lane with some very early Pink Floyd gigs around the Cambridge circuit.

With Friend and Family Surrounded

David Gilmour found a good lady in Polly Samson that is for sure. Check out some photographs of them going about their business. Syd Barrett was a good looking chap and did very well with his girlfriends. Check out Syd Barrett’s Girlfriend pictures. Also, another gallery is Roger Waters and Laurie Durning who are now sadly divorced. One of Roger’s children India Waters is a model. Take a browse through the images in the archive of Nick Mason and his wife Annette.

Live Shows Photography

Pink Floyd has always been a very visual band when performing live. Better to look at a pretty stage rather than just some tiny figures away there in the distance. A popular gallery is the Pink Floyd backing singers section where you can find the likes of the very talented Rachel Fury. We have so many concert photos from every decade its difficult to just pick out a few but take a look at live concert photos from David Gilmour tour photos, Roger Waters concert photography and Pink Floyd live shows images.

Memorabilia and Collectables

There are all the concert ticket stubs, Pink Floyd posters, backstage passes and Pink Floyd concert tour programmes. Not to mention pictures of people’s collections of Pink Floyd memorabilia too. Some pretty cool things in those galleries for those interested in collecting and hoarding things. The excellent exhibition in 2017 of Pink Floyd Their Mortal Remains had the whole history of the band laid out in many objects and images.

So there you have it. The tip of the iceberg. There are so many images to explore in the galleries so make sure you have a good look around. Syd Barrett photos. Roger Waters pictures. David Gilmour images. Nick Mason photography. Richard Wright galleries and other related pictures.

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