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Although they are no longer active as a band, there is lots of Pink Floyd News happening all the time. There are lots of releases from the back catalogue because the catalogue is huge, Roger Waters tour in 2023/2024 because he has only had his first farewell tour, potentially a David Gilmour tour and new album in 2024 because Polly Samson shares a lot about it. You have plenty to look forward to this coming year! I am very excited about 2024 because it could be a huge year for things going on!

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Some potential things we are looking forward to in future include:

  • Roger Waters new memoirs, audio book read by the man himself. Book said to be titled “I’ll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon: Memoirs Of A Lanky Prick”
  • David Gilmour new album and tour 2024 could be on the cards for us fans. Polly Samson has posted a lot of photos over 18 months of David at work. He works from home a lot in his studio!
  • It seems unlikely there will be further DSotM REDUX concert dates but there could perhaps an extension of the This Is Not A Drill Roger Waters Tour 2024.
  • Other news from the wider Pink Floyd family of musicians – there are always lots of projects happening!

Some recent news we have enjoyed included…

The 50th Anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon, Richard Wright’s Wet Dream album remix by Steven Wilson, Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets Tour, and Their Mortal Remains exhibition going on in Canada.

Here is our latest news below…

Nick Mason with wife Annette Mason

Middlewick House Open Gardens 2024, Nick Mason Charity Event

Middlewick House Open Gardens 2024 charity event, hosted at Nick Mason’s house in Corsham, England, will take place again in Summer 2024. This is following the most successful event ever in 2023, which raised £88k for charity. Tickets are on sale now. The annual event will take place between Saturday 8 June 2024 to Sunday 9 June 2024. The gardens will be open between 11am to 4:30pm. Given the popularity of the last event, it will be well worth sorting accommodation and travel plans ahead of time. Although you can buy tickets for Middlewick House Open Gardens 2024 on the gate, you can also buy them online, ahead of time, for more peace of mind. Buy Tickets Online The event is held for the benefit of two charities that are very important for the local area. There is the Wiltshire Air Ambulance providing a vital lifeline particularly in remote areas...

Bowse Poster Hipgnosis

Iconic Album Art Exhibition by HIPGNOSIS in Germany in 2023 and 2024

Berlin 2023: In a significant cultural event for music and art enthusiasts, the renowned Browse Gallery in Berlin is currently exhibiting an exclusive exhibition titled “HIPGNOSIS: The Dark Side of the Moon and other album cover art.” It opened on November 4, 2023, and running until December 17, 2023, this exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s seminal album “The Dark Side of the Moon.” It showcases the ground breaking work of HIPGNOSIS, the British photo design studio founded by Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson, known for crafting some of the most iconic album covers in music history. The Exhibition’s Significance The exhibition is a tribute not just to Pink Floyd but also to the artistic genius of HIPGNOSIS, which designed more than 400 album covers for various international bands and musicians from 1967 to 1984. These covers, many of which have attained cult status, highlight the studio’s unique...

Harry Waters playing Piano

Harry Waters Discusses his Father Roger Waters Firing Him

Harry Waters, son of Roger Waters, did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and mentioned that time Roger fired him from his touring band. In late 2016, Roger Waters informed his son, Harry Waters, at Harry’s home in Santa Monica, California, that he would no longer be part of his band for the upcoming Us + Them tour. Harry, who had been playing keyboards and organ in his father’s band for 14 years, was dismissed along with almost all other band members except two. The two were keyboardist Jon Carin and guitarist Dave Kilminster. Harry said, “I was fired, it was pretty miserable.” Why Was Harry Waters Fired? “I think he just wanted a change of blood, something new, something fresh,” Waters says. “I’m not sure of his exact reasoning”. Despite this, Harry continued to embrace his father’s music. He recently completed a tour with Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog...

1981 Essex, Syd Barrett with sister Rosemary and mother Winifred

Syd Barrett: The Man Beyond the Myth, with his Sister Rosemary

The Fingal’s Cave Podcast recently granted us a rare and intimate glimpse into the life of the enigmatic Syd Barrett through a personal interview with his sister, Rosemary Breen. The hour-long session delved into a multitude of topics, unravelling some of the mystery that has long shrouded her brother. Its a great interview about Syd Barrett and his story and not to be missed. Syd Barrett the Artist Rosemary painted a picture of Syd not as the quintessential rock star many might assume, but as an artist at his core. “Music was a hobby, the art was him,” she explained, driving home the point that for Barrett, celebrity was an alien concept, something he neither sought after nor understood. Rosemary suggested, “He never wanted celebrity, he didn’t understand it”. Syd’s interactions with music and sound were personal explorations of art, not attempts to top the charts or bask in the...

Roger Waters Pedro Ernesto Medal Brazil pic 1

Roger Waters Awarded Pedro Ernesto Medal in Brazil

Roger Waters Pedro Ernesto Medal was awarded in Rio de Janeiro today ahead of his concert there tonight. Monica Benicio, an activist, gave the award to Roger. Rio de Janeiro City Council’s highest honour it can give is this particular medal, therefore Roger is lucky to have it. He will perform at the Estadio Olympico using the traditional format of stage at one end with the fans in front. On his tour up to now, he has used the “in the round” concept. This is where the band are in the centre of the area with the fans all around. Check out my Manchester photos to see. Roger Waters Accepting his Award A happy Roger said, “My brothers and sisters in Rio give me such hope, they are so beautiful.” Roger seems rather pleased to receive the accolade. Particularly at a time when his political views have caused controversy. In...

Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother CD Bluray Release 2023

Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Special Edition 2023

Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Special Edition: Pre-Order Now! Pink Floyd will release a special edition of their “Atom Heart Mother” album on 8th December. This 2-disc set includes the album on CD and a Blu-ray of the iconic “Atom Heart Mother (Suite)” performed at the Hakone Aphrodite Festival in Japan, 1971. This never-before-seen footage, previously part of The Early Years box set, has been enhanced from an original tape recently found. Pre-Order from or (Affiliate links) What’s Inside the Set? A Dive into History Held over 50 years ago, the Hakone Aphrodite Festival was Japan’s first major outdoor rock event. On August 6th and 7th, 1971, beside the serene Hakone Ashinoko Lake, Pink Floyd headlined, marking their debut performance in Japan. The event, aiming to be the Japanese counterpart to Woodstock, welcomed numerous international acts, introducing rock festivals to many fans in the country. During the historic...