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Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother CD Bluray Release 2023

Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Special Edition 2023

Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Special Edition: Pre-Order Now! Pink Floyd will release a special edition of their “Atom Heart Mother” album on 8th December. This 2-disc set includes the album on CD and a Blu-ray of the iconic “Atom Heart Mother (Suite)” performed at the Hakone Aphrodite Festival in Japan, 1971. This never-before-seen footage, previously part of The Early Years box set, has been enhanced from an original tape recently found. Pre-Order from or (Affiliate links) What’s Inside the Set? A Dive into History Held over 50 years ago, the Hakone Aphrodite Festival was Japan’s first major outdoor rock event. On August 6th and 7th, 1971, beside the serene Hakone Ashinoko Lake, Pink Floyd headlined, marking their debut performance in Japan. The event, aiming to be the Japanese counterpart to Woodstock, welcomed numerous international acts, introducing rock festivals to many fans in the country. During the historic...

Roger Waters Tour 2024

Roger Waters Tour Set To Conclude. What Next?

Roger Waters Tour is coming to an end soon in December. After an amazing run of concerts which started in July 2022, This Is Not A Drill Tour is set to conclude on 9th December 2023. The final venue is Estadio Olimpico in Ecuador. The tour was billed Roger’s “first farewell tour” jokingly referring to the trend of older artists saying its their last, then doing more! The original tour schedule, for Roger Waters’ seventh solo tour, was supposed to start around the time of Covid. This was postponed. The world went into turmoil. There would be further turmoil during this tour, with controversies being reported in the media. What will 2024 bring? Memoirs, perhaps a REDUX tour given the cost of the two nights at London Palladium, an unlikely extension of the This Is Not A Drill tour? A Tour with Controversy Accusations of Roger Waters Antisemitism There have...

Roddy Bogawa Later with Jools Holland

Later with Jools Holland featuring HYGIY Movie Director Roddy Bogawa

Later With Jools Holland is back on the BBC this Saturday 14th October on BBC Two at 10:30pm for series 63! Episode 1 will feature the director of the Have You Got It Yet Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd feature length documentary film Roddy Bogawa. You will be able to watch it broadcast live on the BBC or on the iPlayer after it has broadcast. Those outside of the UK may want to research using a VPN to geolocate you elsewhere! The feature length documentary movie explores Roger Keith Barrett in a more personal and less sensational way. It will hopefully getting its physical release towards the Summer of 2024 in the UK and other territories. Watch on BBC iPlayer Info on Jools Holland website More about the Programme “Later… with Jools Holland” is back at Alexandra Palace Theatre, featuring live music and interviews. This series features JORJA SMITH, singing...

Mastermind Syd Barrett

BBC Mastermind with Syd Barrett Questions

The popular BBC TV programme Mastermind, where contestants are quizzed on general knowledge and their choice of specialist tropics, featured a lady whose specialist topic was Pink Floyd’s co-founder Syd Barrett! If you are in the UK, or use basic spoofing technology called a VPN and get past the worst paywall in the world asking if you are a licence fee payer yes or no, then you can watch it online for free. It is available for 11 months from now. It was broadcast on Monday 9th October 2023 via terrestrial radio signals. Those who are more modern can watch it on catch up using the BBC iPlayer. Talking of which, I believe the entire history of Dr Who is set to be released onto the iPlayer The contestant was Renna Patel. How will you score on the challenge? Watch online via BBC iPlayer

Roger Waters Track by Track Video from London Palladium

Roger Waters London Palladium Video – Watch Now

Roger Waters and his 14 strong army of musicians performed Dark Side of the Moon Redux at The London Palladium. It divided opinion in the media and online from fans in the two shows Sunday and Monday. The show was split in two. The first half saw Roger talking at the audience at length about Julian Assange and Donald his pet duck. Crazy stuff. He also talked about his forthcoming memoirs. Title is “I’ll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon: Memoirs Of A Lanky Prick”. The second half was the Dark Side performance that fans had paid big money to watch. Some VIP packages allowed fans to obtain lots of goodies like posters. Tickets cost eye watering amounts on the primary ticket website. Anyway, part of the evening, this 20 minute video, was played for the audience. The video explains some of the new work that Roger...

Roger Waters London Palladium 2023 [Pic: Kate Izor ]

Roger Waters Performs at The London Palladium

London West End showman Roger Waters has performed his Dark Side of the Moon Redux at a popular theatre in Soho. The London Palladium saw 2,286 people watching a very intimate show in a relatively small venue, much smaller than the 20k people who saw him down the river at the London O2 Arena recently. The first “set” featured Roger talking a lot, including reading long passages from his forthcoming memoirs which is more about his past pets rather than tales of the rock ‘n’ roll variety. Brain Damage reported that Roger said it is called “I’ll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon: Memoirs Of A Lanky Prick”. Some fans may have been quite disappointed about having to sit through an hour of Roger rambling on about his pet duck Donald for 20 minutes plus other tales. He does tend to go on a bit at his...