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Roger Waters tour 2024 is not announced and may not even exist. There is some speculation that the Dark Side of the Moon Redux concerts could be revisited, given the expense of putting the show together for London. It only had two performances so would make sense to tour it a bit more. His memoirs are in the pipeline, and he has recently shared a new demo recording, so plenty going on for 2024 for Roger Waters.

Roger Waters Final Farewell Tour

Roger Waters Live Concert Dates in 2023 and 2024
Roger Waters Live in 2023/2024

Roger Waters is currently touring the world in what he has jokingly called his “First Farewell Tour”. Many artists who are older and more established have used this line as encouragement for fans to get involved and come see the concert in the flesh. Roger’s tours are award winning and there are lots of dates played and planned all over the world. They are spectacular in their production – the visuals in these concerts is stunning to say the least. Whilst Roger and his politics is not for everyone, and his concerts are quite political, he does draw on some of the greatest songs in rock ‘n’ roll history to perform live for his fans.

Roger Waters New Album 2024

Roger has recently shared demo recordings from potentially a new Roger Waters Album 2024 so watch this space. He shared a new song called Under The Rubble. We know about another of his new songs, that he has been playing live at concerts, called The Bar. It looks likely he is working on another new album and looks set to be political as one would expect from Roger.

Roger Waters Tour 2024

There are no tour dates announced yet for 2024 but there are lots of other projects that might see the light of day. Roger Waters has played all over the world in his latest stint of concerts. He was last active in 2018 before the Covid pandemic destroyed all hope of fans watching Roger live in concert. Roger Waters did not disappoint fans though, he did his lockdown sessions and shared all kinds of things over that troublesome period of history. He wrote his memoirs which are due to be released soon too.

Roger Waters Band Members for his Tour

Roger Waters Tour Band 2023 2024
The Roger Waters Tour Band 2023 2024

Roger has assembled an excellent touring band for this 2023/2024 tour. The Roger waters band consists of the following people. Some of these are very familiar faces indeed, and a Roger Waters live concert could not be a Roger Waters live show without some of these excellent musicians. They sound amazing working together as a band and are exceptionally solid as a performing unit. Tickets to these concerts are very sought after.

Roger Waters – Bass Guitar / Guitars / Vocals
Jon Carin – Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals
Robert Walter – Organ
Jonathan Wilson – Guitars / Vocals
Gus Seyffert – Bass Guitar / Guitar
Dave Kilminster – Guitar / Vocals
Joey Waronker – Drums / Percussion
Seamus Blake – Saxophone
Amanda Belair – Vocals
Shanay Johnson – Vocals

Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon Redux Tour 2023/2024

Roger Waters London Palladium 2023 [Pic: Kate Izor ]
Roger Waters London Palladium 2023 [Pic: Kate Izor ]

There have only been two concerts dates performed so far on the mini tour of Roger’s reinterpretation of the Dark Side of the Moon Redux album both performed at London’s Palladium Theatre in Soho, which is owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

2023-10-08 : The London Palladium, London, England
2023-10-09 : The London Palladium, London, England

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