Roger Waters Under the Rubble – New Album Demos

Roger Waters just posted a video of him recording a new song in Logic Pro, recording software, on his computer. The composition is called Under The Rubble and features the lyrics below. He recorded it at 11:53am on Thursday 28th December and shared it today, the day after.

“Papa, I want to go home now,
papa please take me home,
mama please tell me I’m dreaming,
and ill wake up somewhere and I won’t be alone,
mama its dark here,
dad has stopped breathing,

Roger Waters Desktop Extended Display
A view of Roger Waters Desktop Extended Display

There appears to be another version of his demo on his computer desktop. That one is saved as “Its Dark here mama”. There is also a keffiyeh scarf draped over the computer – a symbol of Palestinian Nationalism. You can watch his video online.

Roger Waters New Album 2024?

Could there be a new Roger Waters album coming in 2024? We know that David Gilmour is working on a new album, perhaps there will be one from Roger too. His last album was the Dark Side of the Moon Redux version – a reinterpretation of a classic. We know he has a new song called The Bar which he has been playing live too. Hopefully we will know more soon.

We know that Roger has been recording his memoirs and those will be released soon.

Roger Waters Desktop Photos

Apple Logic ProRoger Waters Demo of New Song – Discuss Roger Waters New Album 2024

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