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Brian Wernham is a well known collector of Syd Barrett’s original art. Brian has an impending house move and he need to make some space. He has decided to sell one of his two largest and most impressive original Syd pieces.  These pieces can be seen on the official Syd Barrett website in positions 1 and 3 in the three oldest known existing works by Syd.

But which one? Brian will put up for auction whichever is chosen in the exclusive Neptune Pink Floyd online poll below.

How to Vote?

UPDATE – Voting closed on 31st March 2024 with the Dried Flowers winning the vote to be auctioned shortly. Stay tuned for more info.

Syd Barrett Dried Flowers won the vote so will be auctioned shortly.
Syd Barrett Dried Flowers won the vote so will be auctioned shortly.

Your Syd Barrett Auction Choices

Syd Barrett Warriors Artwork
Syd Barrett Warriors Artwork
  • Warriors’. A large mosaic 52cm x 42cm.  Syd made this when he was at school in Cambridge.  His childhood sweetheart, Libby, remembers Syd moulding the plaster of Paris contoured base into shapes and then cutting his own coloured glass pieces (‘tesserae’).  The glass pieces are all at different angles and reflect light in a shimmering display.  The plaster of Paris base is thick but fragile. The piece has been framed in a strong custom made frame by Trumpington Galleries in Cambridge with museum grade glass to stop ultra-violet light degradation.  This piece is fragile and should not be shipped.  The buyer should pick up in person from Carlisle, Cumbria, UK.
Syd Barrett Dried Flowers Artwork
Syd Barrett Dried Flowers Artwork
  • Dried Flowers’. Pastel and watercolour c.1964 55cm x 68cm. Syd’s earliest known existing original work of art. Syd painted this in a Saturday afternoon art class soon after the death of his father.  Hidden within the painting are faces if you look carefully.  The piece has been ‘cleaned ’ in a special wash by a specialist art restorer who is retained by Cambridge colleges to restore their art. Trumpington Galleries in Cambridge framed the piece with museum grade glass to stop ultra-violet light degradation.  This piece can be shipped, but this is the buyer’s responsibility. See a photo of Syd at the art class.

How do I bid for Syd Barrett Art?

When the poll closes, Brian will ‘consign’ the winning piece for auction in late-April/early May by fine art auctioneers Thomson Roddick of Carlisle, Cumbria, UK.

Please pre-register to watch the online auction live or to show an interest in making a bid. The sales are available to worldwide bidders via two online platforms, and as well as via the auction house’s own website

You can view the ‘lot’ in the auction without registering to bid. If you want to participate in the auction you can complete the registration process. 

Online bidders have to pass various security checks when registering for the auction and, if they are unknown to us, they must provide additional identification before they are approved to bid and we have the option to approve (or deny) all bidders manually to ensure security.   Do this now to avoid disappointment in case of verification delays at the time.

If you have any questions, ask on the NPF Forum.

Vote using this link, or scan the QR code with your phone camera
Scan the QR code with your phone camera

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