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Contacting Neptune Pink Floyd

BEFORE contacting the website administrator, please use the Frequently Asked Questions below to help answer your query. This includes general questions and passwords.

You can send an email to [email protected] 

Help! – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. General Questions and Comments
  2. Username and Passwords
  3. Newsletter
  4. The Forum
  5. Torrent Tracker
  6. Link Requests/Exchange

1 – General Questions and Comments

Please ask your general questions on the forum only and DO NOT contact the webmaster as your question can probably be answered by someone else in the community on the forum!

The webmaster does not have have the time to respond to many of your questions or comments especially ones that are being answered or discussed on the forum by the thousands of knowledgeable people who visit it!

Do not ask for contact details for members of Pink Floyd as they will not be provided no matter who you claim you work for!

2 – Usernames and Passwords

2.1 – Forgotten Forum username and/or password?

If you know what your email address is that you used to register for the forum, you can be reminded of your username.  You can also get a new password sent to you if you have forgotten it. Go here.

3 – Newsletter

3.1 – Unsubscribing From All Newsletters

You can unsubscribe at any time. Just go to this page, enter your email address then press continue. You will then be given the chance to give a reason for your decision (optional) then, when you press the Unsubscribe button, you will be removed from all newsletters.

3.2 – Unsubscribe From Particular Newsletter

There are several NPF Newsletter and, if you want to unsubscribe from a particular one, you need to visit your “Preferences Page“. The best way to do that is from the link at the bottom of the newsletter as it contains your Unique ID. You can have the Unique ID sent to you from the “Preferences Page” though!

3.3 – Subscribing and confirming your email address

When you subscribe to the newsletter you are automatically sent an email to the address you used to subscribe. Inside this email is a special link you must click on to verify that you typed your email address correctly and that email can be delivered to you and that it was actually you who requested the newsletter and not someone else entering your email address!

Once you click on the link, you are subscribed to the newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter from this page.

3.4 – Confirm email address link does not work!!

The most likely problem is that your email software or email provider has mangled the link so it is on two lines and therefore the link is broken into 2. You will just need to copy the two lines of the link into your web browsers address bar then click go or press enter.

3.5 – I do not receive the confirmation email!

It is likely that the email is ending up in your SPAM folder or may be blocked from entering your inbox altogether. People’s email accounts vary from one person to the other so there is no specific solution. If you can, add [email protected] to your allowed senders list, white list or trusted email list.

3.6 – Change email address

If you want to change the email address that the site newsletter is sent to, you will have to visit your “Preferences Page” and change your email address there. The best way to get there is from the link at the bottom of the newsletters, else go here.

3.7 – How often is it sent?

The newsletter is sent when I add something to the site or have some news. You may get 3 one week and perhaps none for a month so can be a bit random.

4 – The Forum

4.1 – Username and Password for message board/forum

In order to use the forum, you need to first register to use it. See below.

4.2 –  Want to Register and Account?

If you want a username and password to use the forum, then go here and sign up for free of course. Only takes a moment.

4.3 – Forgotten username and/or password?

If you know what your email address is that you used to register for the forum, you can be reminded of your username. You can also get a new password sent to you if you have forgotten it. Go here.

4.4 – Account Inactive/Deleted?

When you register to use the forum, you will automatically be sent an email in order to verify that you have entered your email address properly. The email has a link in it which you must click on to activate your account. See below if you have not received the email after 10 minutes.

Periodically, accounts will be deleted from the forum if no posts have been made from the account. If your account has been deleted, you will have to register again. To see if your account is still available, enter the email address you used to register at the forum on this page to see if it retrieves your details. If not, please re-register and make sure you make at least one post!

4.5 – Not Received Activation Email?

It usually takes a minute or two for the activation email to be sent upon you registering. Occasionally, it may end up in your SPAM folder if you have one. If it hasn’t arrived within ten minutes then please get in touch with the webmaster stating your username, password and send your email from the email account you registered with. Get in touch using the form at the top of this page.

4.6 – Don’t Know How To Use The Forum?

If you need help using the forum, I wrote some comprehensive tutorials just for you here.

4.7 – Registration Problems

If you are having problems registering then please take note of the feedback you are given during the registration process. This appears in red next to the boxes on the registration form to tell you what the problem is.

You will notice an “image game” at the bottom of the registration form. You must complete this game in order to register to use the forum. This is to stop “spammers” from registering to use the forum (malicious computer programs that post spam links/advertising). There are two pictures at the top of the game box and 4 to choose from below. For image 1, click on one of the 4 images that best matches it. Then do the same for the second image.

If, after reading the help above you are still having problems registering, please do get in touch with the site administrator using the form at the top of the page who will be more than happy to help you.

5 – Torrent Tracker

The NPF Torrent Tracker and other downloads have been removed at the request of David Gilmour/Pink Floyd management. This facility will not be added back.

6 – Link Request/Exchange

6.1 – Want A Link To Your Site on NPF?

NPF does not have a policy of linking to other websites unless referring to a specific resource, news item or feature on that site as part of our editorial. If you want to be added to a link directory, then use DMOZ or visit instead.