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Re-Creating Pink Floyd's Mixing Desk in 2024

Pink Floyd’s Quad Sound Mixer Recreated

CH Vintage Audio’s Chris Hewitt, and Allen and Heath co founder Andy Bereza, have been busy recreating a sound mixing desk that Pink Floyd used from Pompeii in 1971 through the Dark Side of the Moon tour. The mixing desk is the piece of equipment that all the microphones and instruments plug into to blend and change the sounds with effects and EQ for example. That then plugs into the amplifiers and out through the WEM PA System. The PA systems of Pink Floyd are covered in great detail in the three books that Chris has released. Chris told NPF, “It’s a working  re creation  built by me and guided by Andy Bereza who designed and built the original which ( no longer exists ) was used between 1971 and 1974 so spanned Pompeii through Dark Side of The Moon and drove both of The Floyd PA systems  I own ie the WEM...

Roger Waters Thunder and Lightning

Roger Waters Concert in Montevideo Was A Rainy Affair

Roger Waters concert at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, Uruguay was a rainy affair. The arena tour didn’t suffer the consequences of rain thankfully. However, now that Roger is back to doing outdoor concerts to large audiences, he is getting lots of rain pouring down on him. Roger Water’s guitarist David Kilminster reported that his equipment had been damaged by the storms. He said on his Twitter, “Apologies for the technical problems, but apparently if you throw a bucket of water over all my guitar pedals, cables, effects switcher etc then they really don’t like it…”. The Concert, on the 17th November 2023, is one of the final performances of the rather epic This Is Not A Drill Tour 2023. Roger Waters Tour 2024? There are 8 concerts remaining on the current Roger Waters tour. We will then have to wait and see what is announced next. I am hoping he...

Syd Barrett Auction - Cheffins - Lot 156 - Syd Barrett interest: A VIP invitation poster for 'A Celebration' at the Cambridge Corn Exchange

Syd Barrett Auction October 2023

Syd Barrett auction at Cheffins in the UK features several rare items. Collectors and fans alike may be interested in these. They will be sold by the Cheffin’s Fine Art Division from a catalogue called The Art and Design Sale. Its on from 10am on Thursday 26th October 2023. I have included details of the lots below, along with descriptions, for you to peruse. To make a bid, go over to Cheffins auction page. Alternatively, to view the catalogue, click Pages on the bottom right of this page, then sideways scrollbar to page 50/51 spread. Syd Barrett’s Original Auction Cheffins were the auction house that sold Syd Barrett’s possessions following his death in 2006. There were all kinds of weird and wonderful items in that auction. Of particular interest to me was the surviving artwork of Syd Barrett. Syd used to paint a painting, photograph it, then burn the original....

Pink Floyd Calendar 2024 Official Front

Pink Floyd Calendar 2024 – Official Merch

Pink Floyd Calendar 2024 is available to buy now. It starts from September 2023 and runs to December 2024 because you need those extra months. Its official Pink Floyd merchandise too so I think you are guaranteed quality. Get from or now. The official Pink Floyd calendar focuses on Pink Floyd’s 1977 album Animals. The striking visuals were created by Hipgnosis with the calendar replicating some of the bold architectural content of the original artwork. The famous Battersea Power Station, that featured on the front cover, and is located in London, is featured. I rank Animals as one of my favourite Floyd albums because it sounds amazing to listen to. The format of the calendar is Month to a View Planner. The dimensions of the official calendar are 30cm x 30cm so similar to an LP. And the reassuring thing is that its official merchandise so not some...

Guy Pratt Robert Plant Andy Taylor Cancer Concert 2023

Pink Floyd Bassist Guy Pratt Joins Robert Plant for Charity Concert

Pink Floyd Bassist Guy Pratt, who is also a comedian and Rockonteurs podcaster, has joined a stage of stars for a cancer charity. On Saturday 21st October an event took place at Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire called Concert Platform. Guy Pratt has worked with many stars over the years because he is a rather good bassist. But he has now ticked another box on his list having now performed with Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant. Guy wrote an account of his latest achievement on his Facebook page. “Well that was fun. Soo good to be reunited with my old rhythm partner David Palmer and play with Andy Taylor for the first time in 25 years.. AND ROBERT PLANT!!! Who was just amazing and such a lovely chap. I’ve now played Black Dog with Page and Plant. Box tick! And for an amazing cause. The incredible Sir Chris Evans who’s cancer...

Pink Floyd Animals 2018 Cover Image

Pink Floyd The Story of Animals Fan Documentary

Dive deep into the musical universe of Pink Floyd’s 1977 masterpiece Pink Floyd Animals with this comprehensive documentary. Journey back to the band’s 1974 tour, where early renditions of tracks like “Dogs” and “Sheep” first resonated with audiences because of how unique they sounded. The Pink Floyd Animals Tracklist is a collection of amazing songs. Enjoy this fan documentary about it. Leave us a comment telling us what you think below because your thoughts are important to us. This film is not just a walk down memory lane; it’s a rejuvenation of the era with fresh mixes, visually stunning graphics, and hundreds of meticulously restored photographs. Crafted out of sheer admiration and passion for Pink Floyd’s transcendent sounds. Above all, you will hear some great music. About Pink Floyd Animals I think Animals is one of my favourite albums of all time. A classic I believe because it sounds amazing...