Pink Floyd The Story of Animals Fan Documentary

Pink Floyd Animals 2018 Cover Image
Pink Floyd Animals 2018 Cover

Dive deep into the musical universe of Pink Floyd’s 1977 masterpiece Pink Floyd Animals with this comprehensive documentary. Journey back to the band’s 1974 tour, where early renditions of tracks like “Dogs” and “Sheep” first resonated with audiences because of how unique they sounded. The Pink Floyd Animals Tracklist is a collection of amazing songs. Enjoy this fan documentary about it. Leave us a comment telling us what you think below because your thoughts are important to us.

This film is not just a walk down memory lane; it’s a rejuvenation of the era with fresh mixes, visually stunning graphics, and hundreds of meticulously restored photographs. Crafted out of sheer admiration and passion for Pink Floyd’s transcendent sounds. Above all, you will hear some great music.

About Pink Floyd Animals

I think Animals is one of my favourite albums of all time. A classic I believe because it sounds amazing and speaks true of life. “Animals” is a seminal album by the legendary rock band Pink Floyd. Released in 1977, it is often considered one of the band’s darkest and most political albums. Here’s a detailed overview:

Concept and Themes

“Animals” is heavily influenced by George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, a dystopian novella that critiques Stalinism. The album critiques the socio-political conditions of late 1970s Britain, dividing humanity into three categories: Dogs, Pigs, and Sheep. The overarching theme is a condemnation of the avarice and inequalities of capitalism.

  1. Dogs – Represents the aggressive, competitive business world. The dogs are cutthroat and ruthless individuals driven by greed and ambition.
  2. Pigs (Three Different Ones) – Symbolizes the moralizing and self-righteous leaders and figureheads of society. The song explicitly references Mary Whitehouse, a contemporary moral crusader.
  3. Sheep – Represents the general populace, who are blindly obedient and easily led. The sheep eventually revolt against their oppressors, however it is hinted that this rebellion may only result in a new form of oppression.

Pink Floyd Animals Tracklist

  1. Pigs on the Wing 1 – This song is a short, acoustic introduction to the album and contrasts with the dark tone of the other tracks, offering a glimmer of hope and humanity.
  2. Dogs – One of the longer tracks, it paints a grim picture of the competitive business world with its stark lyrics and progressive instrumentals.
  3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) – A politically charged song that critiques those in positions of power and influence.
  4. Sheep – This track discusses the masses’ blind obedience and eventual uprising.
  5. Pigs on the Wing 2 – A reprise of the opening track, it serves to bookend the album and offers a more personal touch, suggesting that individual love and relationships can provide solace in such a bleak world.

Sound and Style

The sound of “Animals” is distinct, even within Pink Floyd’s diverse discography. The album blends their signature atmospheric soundscapes with raw guitar work, especially noticeable on tracks like “Dogs”. Roger Waters’ vocals are especially aggressive and critical, fitting with the album’s message because of the reference to Orwell’s work. David Gilmour’s guitar solos are poignant and melodic, capturing the essence of each song’s theme.

Animals Cover Artwork

The album’s cover features the iconic Battersea Power Station in London, with a pig balloon floating between its chimneys. This imagery has become synonymous with the album and is a staple in Pink Floyd’s visual representations.

Animals 2018 Remix

An excellent remix of Animals was released in 2022 after it was remixed in 2018. There was much arguing between Roger Waters and David Gilmour about the liner notes. Mark Blake had written an account of the album for Roger Waters and David didn’t quite agree with Roger’s interpretation.

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