Roger Waters Concert in Montevideo Was A Rainy Affair

Roger Waters Thunder and Lightning
Roger Waters Thunder and Lightning

Roger Waters concert at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, Uruguay was a rainy affair. The arena tour didn’t suffer the consequences of rain thankfully.

However, now that Roger is back to doing outdoor concerts to large audiences, he is getting lots of rain pouring down on him.

Roger Water’s guitarist David Kilminster reported that his equipment had been damaged by the storms. He said on his Twitter, “Apologies for the technical problems, but apparently if you throw a bucket of water over all my guitar pedals, cables, effects switcher etc then they really don’t like it…”.

Dave Kilminster Water in Gear
Dave Kilminster Water in Gear

The Concert, on the 17th November 2023, is one of the final performances of the rather epic This Is Not A Drill Tour 2023.

Roger Waters Tour 2024?

There are 8 concerts remaining on the current Roger Waters tour. We will then have to wait and see what is announced next. I am hoping he will extend his tour into 2024 announcing more dates for the Roger Waters Tour 2024. His memoirs should be out and possibly his new album he has been working on. Perhaps he will tour that in a new concert concept. He has jokes in the past that this is his first farewell tour. Perhaps his second farewell tour in 2024 will feature his new album. However, many fans will hope he doesn’t just read out his autobiography on the stage for an hour.

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Watch a video of Roger performing in the rain.

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