David Gilmour Tour Confirmed in Uncut Magazine Interview

The David Gilmour interview in the June 2024 edition of Uncut magazine is excellent and confirms a couple of really great things…

David Gilmour Uncut Magazine June 2024
David Gilmour Uncut Magazine June 2024

Luck and Strange Tour 2024

First, it confirms that David Gilmour is already working on his Luck and Strange album tour. This is also clear from the David Gilmour UK Store where it talks about the tour.

For the upcoming tour, rehearsals need to be scheduled and a setlist needs to be put together. The latter, says Gilmour involves an asterisk system in which all contenders are written down. Three asterisks denotes certain inclusion, while two is ‘likely’ and one indicates an outside possibility. The new album constitutes a clean sweep of triple asterisks, “but that’s about as far as I’ve got”.

David Gilmour Live
David Gilmour Live

Song Selection Process for Luck and Strange Tour 2024

Although Pink Floyd’s success was down to the contributions from all members, be it the music or lyrics, I guess the tensions between Roger Waters and David and Polly mean David is ready to move on from playing the big Pink Floyd numbers.

He refers to “an unwillingness to revisit the Pink Floyd of the ‘7os”, which one suspects is down to his reluctance to sing lyrics written by Roger Waters. And the other decades? “Yeah, they might be better represented. I mean, at least one from the 60s. The one we’ve done in the past is ‘Astronomy [The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, 1967]. That’s always entertaining and fun and gets people off to a happy start. There’s songs from the Momentary Lapse Of Reason and The Division Bell albums. I mean, I think ‘High Hopes’ is as good as anything we ever did at any time.”

David Gilmour on Tour

Feelings about Being on the Road

There is an incredible amount of work that goes into a tour. The Wall Tour made heavy losses given the size and scale of it. The Division Bell tour had massive stages, props, screens and a huge production. David Gilmour has been there and done all the mega tour work. He may well tour on a much smaller scale in more intimate settings rather than have a huge production like the Roger Waters tours.

Asked if he’s keen to return to the road, Gilmour furrows his brow. “What do I enjoy about it? The actual moment on stage, usually. The rest of it… don’t really know why we’re doing it.” Because you want to give the album its chance, like you did with the others?

“Yeah, I changed the band around last time for a number of reasons, one of which was it was all too robotic, and some people would have been better off in a Pink Floyd tribute band. So I thought we’d get people who are genuinely creative and give them a little more space. That’s the plan. So we*re going to have some of the younger guys alongside Guy and the Webb Sisters, who sang with Leonard Cohen on his last tours.”

David Gilmour on the road touring
David Gilmour on the road touring

Another New Album Soon

I would love to be given access to David Gilmour’s computer where he records all his snippets and noodlings for use in future. I bet there are some amazing clips in that archive. The momentum built from working on the Luck and Strange album seems to have rejuvenated him and moved him on in terms of making something of his archives.

Clearly rejuvenated by the injection of new blood into the setup, Gilmour is already planning more recording dates after the tour – “which will practically force me to concentrate [on writing more songs]. I mean, we’ve got plenty more pieces of half-formed music that we can get started on. The intention is to get something else out as soon as possible.”

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Uncut June 2024 David Gilmour Tour Confirmed
Uncut June 2024 David Gilmour Tour Confirmed on page 104

Source – Uncut Magazine June 2024

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