David Gilmour Tour Dates 1984-2024

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David Gilmour Solo Tours

David Gilmour, celebrated for his iconic role in Pink Floyd, has also carved out a remarkable solo touring history, marked by musical depth and intimate performances. His solo touring began in the mid-1980s with the “About Face Tour” in 1984, showcasing his album “About Face.” This tour set the stage for Gilmour’s solo identity, distinct from Pink Floyd’s sound.

Years later, the “On an Island Tour” in 2006 further solidified Gilmour’s solo presence. Highlighting his album “On an Island,” this tour featured a blend of the album’s tracks and Pink Floyd classics, backed by an ensemble of skilled musicians.

Gilmour’s most recent major tour, the “Rattle That Lock Tour” in 2015-2016, supported his album “Rattle That Lock.” This tour spanned across Europe, North America, and South America, showcasing a mix of his latest solo work and Pink Floyd favorites. Notably, it included performances in historic venues and collaborations with a variety of musicians, enhancing the musical experience.

Throughout his solo touring career, Gilmour has consistently delivered performances that resonate with his fans, blending his newer solo material with the beloved sounds of Pink Floyd. His tours are not just concerts but musical journeys that showcase his enduring talent and appeal as a solo artist.