Pink Floyd Tribute Band Concerts

Pink Floyd Tribute Bands
Tribute Band Australian Pink Floyd

With Pink Floyd very much finished as a live touring band, fans only have Pink Floyd tribute band concerts to seek out and experience. Some fans will have been born after the band had stopped touring so not seen them. Others may have seen Pink Floyd live and in the flesh. Lucky them. You blogger here has seen Roger Waters, Nick Mason and David Gilmour solo concerts many times, but never actually see Pink Floyd live.

Who is the best tribute band for Pink Floyd?

Australian Pink Floyd Tribute Band
Australian Pink Floyd

There are a lot of tribute bands to Pink Floyd all over the world. There should be at least one in every major city or region because everyone should watch! I have seen a few live over the years. They are a lot of fun.

My favourite Pink Floyd tribute band has probably been the Australian Pink Floyd. I saw them last at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, England., another excellent concert. The projections onto the radio telescope were amazing consequently I got lots of great photos of the concert. Can’t believe that was ten years ago! I had best get some tickets for them and enjoy them again.

Australian Pink Floyd – these chaps once played a birthday party gig for David Gilmour. Brilliant show live and very well produced therefore well worth watching. They do massive arena and theatre concerts and sound amazing.

UK Pink Floyd Experience – These have a few concerts left in 2023 then loads booked in for 2024 all over the UK. Take a look at their tour dates.

The Dark Side of Pink Floyd – Established in 2009 and playing several more gigs this year in the UK although none announced for 2024 yet.

Tribute Band Concert Dates

Here are some of the concerts coming up. I live near Chester therefore I might need to watch the Pink Floyd by candlelight one.

Is David Gilmour touring in 2024?

David Gilmour is certainly recording a new album for 2024. I am hoping he will announce a tour soon.

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