OffTopic: I'm back and I've got some news

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OffTopic: I'm back and I've got some news

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Hey everyone

I dont think that many of you are aware I run a website called 'The Furman Machine' (dont ask.. yes its an obscure title.. long story).. It used to be my online design portfolio.. now its just an outlet for all the crap i produce :p

It also has a webcomic, with computer game, internet, pizza and Pink Floyd overtones (and thusly some of the jokes will not make sense to some of you.. thats ok :p, they're not intended to :P)


Two days ago, myself and a mate (one of the characters from the comic) started a kind of 'Dear Martha' type column - I ask that you check it out on his site;

And maybe even ask a question of Elroy and myself - send your email to [email protected]

Thanks :)

I look foward to receiving your questions (at the email adress please, not replied here - the email sends the message to both myself and Elroy) =D