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Something new to discuss

Post by quicksilver »

Just wondering what you think-

In the eyes of a concert promoter, what would be the easier sell:

A world tour with Roger/Rick/Nick or Dave/Rick/Nick?

Obviously the last 2 Floyd tours were huge and made bzillions of dollars both from ticket sales and from record/video sales and would mostl likely do the same again; not to mention that they were awesome to see.

On the other hand with Roger back in the fold it would probably attract all of the fans that saw the last 2 tours plus some of the fans who felt it wasn't worth seeing without Roger. Plus he would play some early Floyd songs as well.

I have a hunch, and it's only a hunch keep in mind that it would not be as big with Roger. I think alot of people have gotten spoiled by the huge productions that last 2 tours were(especially the last) and would expect at least that much and I don't think Roger would want such a huge production.
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Real Pink in the Inside
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Re: Something new to discuss

Post by Real Pink in the Inside »

I strongly believe anyone could masquerade as Pink Floyd and sell-out the vast majority of stadiums. I will not be surprised if sometime in the future Pink Floyd consists of NO original members.

I believe as long as they play "Money" and "We Don't Need No Edu-Cay-Shion," along with other classic numbers, the band is said to be "Pink Floyd," and the tremendous light-show is there, the stadiums will sell-out.

David/Rick/Nick as Pink Floyd = Sell-out
Roger/Rick/Nick as Pink Floyd = Sell-out
Roger/David/Rick/Nick = Sell-out
Anyone/Anyone/Anyone/....... as Pink Floyd = Sell-out
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Keith Jordan
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Post by Keith Jordan »

I agree R.piti, Pink Floyd certinly is a brand!! I think a lot of people are brought to Pink Floyd through guitar magazines due to Gilmour and the wall albums another brick pt 2.

I think it would be easiest to promote all of them together but probably second easiest is the current set up. I think a Floyd led by Waters would be harder to promote.

By promote, I mean sell stadiums out. really!!
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David Smith
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Post by David Smith »

Especiallly as Roger went on about how much he hated stadium rock.

I think it's an interesting question really, i'm sure the gig would sell out no matter what the line up, although i'm sure they could get a younger audience with the current line up. I'm young myself, and after DSOTM the next album i bought was TDB because it was the most recent so i presumed it would sound most up to date. If Pink Floyd want a young audience then they're definitly better off with their current line up, although if they want old fans then Roger would certainly benefit them.
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Post by Spinoza »

There are in fact some very good Pink Floyd-tribute bands, like THE MACHINE and THE AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD SHOW. The last one played on Dave's 50 ?? birthday. Every band can be "faked" if you want.
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Post by Furious »

if they loose David, then it might not be as attractive to people, with songs with great solos (i neednt make a list) loose out, unless they replace David with a guitarist who can play in the same style...

although simple, i like Dave's sweeping chords. you couldnt get Eric Clapton, with his bluesey twangy guitar to replicate the same feel in the song

(then again, ive never heard a guitarist like him play any PF stuff - it could be beneficial, i dont know)

I for one, wont hold a grudge against any particular band version, I'll go, just as long as they GO THROUGH MY BLOODY CITY, unlike that prick Roger, who didn't :p
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Post by crofloyd »

Dave/Roger/Nick/Rick and SYD BARRETT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that would be a sell out.