Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach

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Hey people, so many years! How are you all doing?
I have been really into baroque, classical and romantic composers lately. My fav is Bach, from the late Baroque era, and I really admire his masterful combination of soul, math and layerism in his music. His works are moving and provide new details to be discovered on each listen. Plus, a lot of them are really epic! It is the perfect balance between extreme technique and emotion.
Here are some recommendations to begin exploring his music:
-Brandenburg Concertos
-St John Passion
-The Well-Tempered Clavier
-Six Partitas and Sonatas for Violin Solo
-Mass in B-Minor
-St Matthew Passion
-The Art of Fugue

These are the most famous, and there are a lot of more "obscure" works which are great too. But those above will work to begin exploring his amazing musical universe!