Anyone been to the show yet?

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Re: Anyone been to the show yet?

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basically what snifferdog said. I don't care for roger's music since leaving floyd, I don't care for the final cut, I don't care for most of the wall, and I don't hold anything that ever came out of Roger holy based only on his achievements with Pink Floyd. I saw Gilmour finally this last time round quite a few times (and I mean 5-10 times), and the tick mark is on the bucket list now. I wish I'd made live 8 but whatever; life isn't perfect.
That said, it is second to Gilmour or full Pink Floyd, in terms of shows I'd like to see. Maybe Yes (with the right members) oh and definitely King Crimson. So ok, 4th. but still higher than many other shows out there. I enjoyed Macca too lol. It's Floyd music that you will never hear otherwise, save for (another) tribute band that would be less official. At least one of them was there, however little he does do (he's just clowning around isn't he). Highlight was cool visuals, and maybe the prophet 5 blasting on the surround sound at an even 100dB. I've seen Roger 4 times now. Every time is the same. cool show cool rigs, boring music... a tease at best. Impersonating, forgery, rigid performances, almost a mockery of the real thing (great gig in the sky), clowning, and lots and lots of political crap. the cheers during the trump stuff, sad. low hanging fruit anyone? I'm in Canada, and he went off on a rant about him appearing in court testifying about something (just WHAT is his area of expertise btw), and saying how we Canadians really care about first nations people. Maybe he should take a stroll a few blocks away from the arena to where all the homeless people are and see how little we do care...
I'd say to anyone (is he even still touring) go check it out. don't hold your breath. enjoy it for what it is. try not to focus on what it isn't. be prepared to spend a penny.
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Re: Anyone been to the show yet?

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Annoying Twit wrote:What I've heard of the concerts (and the comments here) suggest that the sound is excellent at the concerts, the band and arrangements fantastic, but for me I want to see live singing.
Well, you're likely going to see Waters singing live.
You might not hear him with his microphone turned off, but that's another matter. :-;
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Re: Anyone been to the show yet?

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I don't think anyone going to the concerts is naive enough to think it's all live. On balance I'd rather hear those great songs performed well by the man who wrote them rather than listening to him croaking his way through a concert. I was never lucky enough to see Pink Floyd in any of its incarnations play live so Roger's the only one who's an option for me. Unless David Gilmour decides to tour again and ends what appears to be his inexplicable boycott of Ireland :roll:
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Re: Anyone been to the show yet?

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I don't get the hype around Roger's show, I am often on PF Reddit and I saw several time ''Greatest concert of All Time'' and well the fact that he lip synch, that a guy play his bass part, that the show seems the be the same notes for notes every time...

I find it average, a great cover band but nothing more.