Would Rick Wright have been right to have left PF in 1975?

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Re: Would Rick Wright have been right to have left PF in 197

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Peter Harold wrote:
Annoying Twit wrote:Thread is over a year old, but this forum isn't too active so I don't personally think it's unreasonable to continue the conversation.

I'm a great fan of Wet Dream. It's my favourite PF solo album. It was recorded after Animals, and given the topical nature of some of the material, I'd assume that some or more likely all of it was written then. (Corrections gratefully received). IMHO, it shows that Rick was still firing on all musical and production cylinders in 1978. So I believe him being forced out of the PF writing duties by Animals wasn't to do with lack of ability, but due to the politics of the band at the time.
Me too, I am a fan of "Wet dream"-album. I agree that Mr Wright felt he had something to give, but later on he described the "Wet Dream" being an experiment that he wasn't very fond of. Perhaps he compared this album with his last one in '96?

But I doubt he could have made anything from (written for) "Wet Dream" to "The Wall", as I think Mr Waters would have made his veto againts any song from Wright. And I don't think there could be many songs that fit into "The Wall". I am happy Mr Wrights efforts was released as "Wet Dream". It is a warm album.

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Well in that Pink Floyd Uncut special magazine Roger said there were two or three pretty tunes on this record he would of used if Rick presented them to him.

Mind you... he did say this in 2003. The Pros And Cons Of Hindsight! :lol:
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Re: Would Rick Wright have been right to have left PF in 197

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i just thank rick, rip, for doing mlor and db...