Drums on "Sysyphus"?

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Re: Drums on "Sysyphus"?

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We know David did a very good impression of Rick on his solo albums and AMLOR, so why not Nick?

Besides, they played The Narrow Way live in 1969, so he may have as well only copied what Nick played at rehearsals.
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Re: Drums on "Sysyphus"?

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The Gunner's Dream wrote:I've listened to all 4 movements of "Sysyphus". In my opinion it is most likely that Rick himself played all of the percussion on this track. For one thing, the "touch" of the drummer on this track (particularly on the snare and timpani) is the touch of someone who isn't too experienced with these instruments. So Rick gets my vote- it is his piece of music after all. Another thing to consider is that none of the percussion parts played on the track would require the skill of an actual drummer. Even things like the drum-roll on the timpani (which was very inconsistenly played) can be played by someone without any former experience with the instrument.

So in short, Rick played drums on Sysyphus. Weird track.
In fact, I am sitting here and re-listening this piece in 4 movements. It is not new to me that all four members contribute with each one piece (Roger had two). All of them produced their own track. But to me, I have never been 100% sure there was no contribution at all from any collegue. Nowadays, I am sure at least to 98%, with the knowledge that the first Mrs Mason played flutes on her husbands oriental piece, and perhaps with som help from Ron Geesin.

Sysyphus have always been one of the most weird moments in the Pink Floyd history. The second part is very playful, much close to Mr Waters song about the small animals in the cave. The other three parts all sounds like soundtracks composed and performed by the band. But with the knowledge that these four movements were composed - eh - and performed by Richard Wright, it change my view about his input in the band. If we take Sysyphus part 3 and 4, it have all the sound of the Pink Floyd. And still there are three band members missing. With this fact in mind, I better understand why Pink Floyd management prefered the idea of Syd Barrett leaving Pink Floyd and start a new band together with Mr Wright. Think about it; the trio Gilmour-Mason-Waters had just one goodlooking singer and one not yet full blown lyricist, while the Barrett-Wright duo had the bands most talented composer (Barrett) and also the bands best arranger (Wright).

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