Syd Barrett - The Peel Session 1970 (Strange Fruit)

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Syd Barrett - The Peel Session 1970 (Strange Fruit)

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This EP was released in 1987 and is the only solo session I think Syd Barrett done for John Peel. Most of the tracks are on the main albums apart from Two of a Kind that surfaced on the Syd comp Wouldn't you miss me at all. But what I like about the 5 track session is that the tracks are even more stripped down to quite a minimal backing with just Jerry Shirley and David Gilmour backing and I think this is also mono as the audio comes through really powerful in my Ipod. I'm quite surprised this isn't in the Pink Floyd and Solo Albums section, even though its an EP it could still be called a mini album.
The track listing is:
Gigolo Aunt
Baby Lemonade
Effervescing Elephant
Two of a Kind


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Re: Syd Barrett - The Peel Session 1970 (Strange Fruit)

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A good reminder about this EP. It shows that (on the surface) Syd could be coherent for the right type of project such as this. I love the sound of this EP and it deserves a reissue.