Ideal Listening Order and Versions

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Ideal Listening Order and Versions

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I've been listening to Pink Floyd literally since before I was born, introduced to it by my parents, who thankfully have the best taste in music. It's part of who I am, my routine, my state of mind and spirit. That being the case, after becoming the superfan I presently am, attending several Roger concerts and one precious Gilmour one, and having the band as my unbeaten Top 1 in spotify every year since I've had the music app, I decided to create an ultimate playlist, with the best songs (in their best versions, as deciding which version, live or studio, to listen to, has always been a question for me) in the best order I could figure (Dark Side had to be the start) in which I could have my ultimate Floyd package always ready for me and not have to pick an album or show to listen. With all that said, I'd like to share it with you all superfans: ... 6ed2554863
to critique, add suggestions to, and hopefully ENJOY, as it was a labor of love.

This was made, of course, out of my own subjective opinion, and out of love ;)

PS: I'd love to see your own Pink Floyd playlists, if you could share below