P-Floyd. Streaming concert July 7

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P-Floyd. Streaming concert July 7

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P-Floyd. Nr: 1 Swedish Pink Floyd Tributeband.

LIVE Broadcasting on this site http://wood5.se/?page_id=156 will start July 7th 2012.
Here you can watch P-Floyd LIVE, in your cell phone or computer, it’s up to you
It´s free
P-Floyd will invite you for a trip in the floydian world. Three hours of Pink Floyd music.
The broadcasting will start at approx. 7:00 pm. Local time.
Here is P-Floyd in Skog year 2009.

This is the story about P-Floyd. http://http://www.wood5.se/

P-Floyd formed in 1993
By bandleader & guitarist Jan Stumsner. Since 1998, the band each summer attracted thousands floydianer from all over Sweden,
to a barn in the village of Forest outside Falun. The last four years the band has also made concert tours in Sweden and in particular set up their own version of The Wall. During the tour, in 2004 the band recorded a live CD ”Floydian waves”. In August 2006 the band took total success for more than 8000 in Dalhalla – one of the world’s mightiest and most beautiful outdoor scenes, built in the bottom of a huge limestone quarry. The concert – a total experience with

Symphony Orchestra, aircraft, actors, lights, lasers and pyrotechnics – filmed by Swedish Television and the beginning of 2007 showed a 1.5 hours
long documentary about P-Floyd as seen by 270 000 viewers. The concert in Dalhalla also resulted in a live DVD.
Magnificent, impressive and professional are just some of the superlatives from previous concerts. One of the reasons for the great success
is that P-Floyd dare to break the pattern and not be a carbon copy of the original. Not just the musical plane, but also in the presentation
of floydianska feeling.