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David Gilmour World Tour Starts Tonight – Glimpse Rehearsal Photos

David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals [Pic: Polly Samson]
David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals [Pic: Polly Samson]
David Gilmour’s world tour 2015/16 was announced all the way back on 4th March 2015 and those 6 months since have seen excitement building amongst fans.

There have been all kinds of amazing videos shared from the making of David’s new album Rattle That Lock and lots of great photos too regarding the album – from recording session photos, album artwork and some nice behind the scenes stuff.

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Multimedia Galore

David Gilmour Rattle That Lock Album Artwork
David Gilmour Rattle That Lock Album Artwork

Polly Samson, who wrote the lyrics for David’s new album, is sharing some excellent photos on her PollySamsonRTL instagram website feed and some of them are included in this article.

There are nice things being shared on David Gilmour’s facebook page too so make sure you are following that!

“The band is about ready to begin…”

David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals (1)
David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals (1)

The tour starts properly tonight at the first big venue following the warm up gig at Brighton last weekend – read some excellent fan review about the Brighton concert. There are some rather beautiful venues included on the David Gilmour World Tour and, in case you haven’t seen it yet, there is an article showing those wonderful venues.

David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals (2)
David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals (2)

David and his talented band will perform at the Pula Roman Arena in Pula, Croatia tonight much to the delight of the fans attending.

There have been some photos shared of the rehearsals which are included in this article from David’s facebook page.

David Gilmour 2015/16 Tour Setlist

David Gilmour Brighton Centre Sep 2015
David Gilmour Brighton Centre September 2015

There has been some discussion about the David Gilmour Tour Setlist on the NPF Forum and people were discussing the selection of songs played at the Brighton warm up concert.

However, it is possible those songs selected for Brighton were done so for testing video projections, sound production etc. as opposed to being the final setlist for the tour. The concert tonight shall reveal the tour setlist though so keep an eye open on the forum if you want to see what was played. 😉

See David Gilmour World Tour concert dates for a full list of the concert dates that have been announced so far. Make sure you get our newsletter to find out about any further announcements.

Have a listen to the beautiful A Boat Lies Waiting by David Gilmour:

View Beautiful David Gilmour 2015 Tour Venues

David Gilmour Tour 2015
David Gilmour Tour 2015

David Gilmour’s 2015 Tour of Europe sold out pretty much instantly after going on sale at 10am 6th March to coincide with David’s 69th birthday.

The tour sold out that fast that two extra nights were revealed at the Royal Albert Hall in October taking the total number of David Gilmour concerts in 2015 to ten across six venues and five countries.

Down With The Ticket Touts!

Ticket Touts
Ticket Touts

Demand for tickets certainly far outstripped supply meaning a lot of fans will be left disappointed with them not being able to secure tickets.

However, don’t be tempted to pay ridiculous prices to ticket touts – these people cause so much damage to fans because they get away with purchasing huge amounts of tickets in the official primary market and selling them on at astronomical prices in the secondary market, often at hundreds of percent of profit, at fans expense. Many would consider it a deplorable practice.

The person’s name who ordered the tickets is printed on Royal Albert Hall tickets and you cannot use the tickets unless you are with that person – they have to present photographic ID to gain admission to the venue. Don’t buy these tickets as you cannot use them unless you are with the person with the ID!

David Gilmour Tour 2015 Venues

David Gilmour Live
David Gilmour Live

These ten concerts will be performed at six venues as detailed below.

There are no further concerts announced or planned – many of you will be hoping there is an American and Asian tour but there is nothing planned there. Get our newsletter to receive news of any further officially announced concerts.

Well, without much further ado, here are the David Gilmour European Tour 2015 concert venues. Leave a comment about what you think of the venues.

Arena Pula, Pula, Croatia

Pula Arena Croatia David Gilmour
Pula Arena Croatia David Gilmour

David Gilmour performs here on 12th September 2015.

This looks like an amazing place to watch a concert in an ancient Roman amphitheatre in what will be a spectacular outdoor David Gilmour concert!

The amphitheatre used to play host to gladiator fights and hunting spectacles but lets hope there is none of that going on during the Gilmour concert! Find out more about the venue from their website.

Verona Arena, Verona, Italy

Verona Arena David Gilmour
Verona Arena David Gilmour

Another stunning venue is host to David Gilmour and his fans on 14th September 2015.

This beautiful Roman amphitheatre is famous for the operas that it hosts and is one of the best preserved venues of its kind.

Amazingly, the place was built in AD 30 which is an unthinkable time for this beautiful structure to exist and be in excellent condition. Fans who watch the concert are certainly in for a beautiful treat. See more about the venue.

Teatro de Mulina, Florence, Italy

Le Mulina Florence Italy David Gilmour
Le Mulina Florence Italy David Gilmour

David will be playing to fans on 15th September 2015.

The venue here doesn’t have much info about it on the internet but it is a racecourse venue that holds about 7,000 people currently. It is called Ippodromo Le Mulina and doesn’t look like one of the best developed venues on the international rock star circuit.

Looking at the picture above, there is either the elliptical racecourse itself with people stands, or there is a smaller structure bottom left of the picture, not sure where he is parking the truck to play off the back of though!

Hippodromo le Mulina David Gilmour
Ippodromo le Mulina David Gilmour

If you know anything about this venue and perhaps have some photographs of it, please get in touch. The address on David Gilmour’s website lands us either at the elliptical or circular establishments (fields) from this link. Crop circles!

Theatre Antique d’Orange, Orange, France

Theatre Antique d'Orange David Gilmour
Theatre Antique d’Orange David Gilmour

This is a rather amazing looking place indeed I am sure you’ll agree – David Gilmour plays here on Thursday 17th September 2015!

There is a real theme building here with the old Roman theatres, perhaps the new album has a Roman theme? Find out all about this great place from their website.

Konig-Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, Germany

Konig Pilsner Arena Germany David Gilmour
Konig Pilsener Arena Germany David Gilmour

Having done a stint of amazing Roman amphitheatres, there is nothing quite like German efficiency in the form of this Arena! Sort yourself out, Germany! 🙂

I am sure it will have a much better sound quality that the outdoor concerts but comes at the cost of the stunning views and buildings. You can’t have it all!

David Gilmour’s 2015 tour calls here on Saturday 19th September 2015 in what will be an amazing experience for those lucky fans who managed to get tickets. See venue info.

Royal Albert Hall, London, England

Royal Albert Hall London David Gilmour
Royal Albert Hall London David Gilmour

Having played all over Europe, David Gilmour now arrives back home in the England to perform five nights at the very beautiful Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, London.

David Gilmour’s tour calls here playing on 23rd, 24th and 25th September then back in October on the 2nd and 3rd. You can find out about the venue here.

Royal Albert Hall Inside David Gilmour
Royal Albert Hall Inside David Gilmour

Although possibly not as grand as some of the places in Italy, this is still a pretty spectacular theatre and has a lot of history going back many years – lots of musical and sporting legends have used the hall over the years.

Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert had the place built and opened in March 1871 and has played host to the likes of Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Oscar Peterson, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Sting and Elton John and from a younger generation Adele, Jay Z, Kaiser Chiefs and the Killers. David Gilmour has performed here in the past and performs again in his much anticipated concerts.