David Cameron’s Favourtie Album is Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. What Is Yours?

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Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

British Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed that his favourite album is Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. The 45 year old Conservative PM told his 166,000 Twitter followers that the Pink Floyd classic album was his favourite as part of a celebration of Great British Music.

The Prime Ministers announcement was, of course, met with the usual bitterly negative reaction from the press citing him choosing an album as popular as Dark Side of the Moon was a cynical ploy to appear to be “in touch” with the British Electorate. The majority of households in the UK have a copy of Dark Side of the Moon making his favourtie album one of the favourites of the nation! Some have praised his choice on the Prime Ministers Facebook page. However, in the run up to the 2010 election, Mr Cameron said The Queen is Dead by the Smiths was his favourite. I guess he is entitled to change him mind especially considering the recent spat with Argentina over the sovereignity of The Falkland Islands and Morrissey’s support of Christina Fernandes de Kerchner!

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Mr Cameron said: “British music is loved all over the globe, and as a country we can be proud of the tremendous success of our music industry, which is a world leader.”

He added that he was determined “to support British creative businesses that generate jobs and opportunities for young people”.

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