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The “Discovery” box set, released by Pink Floyd in 2011, is another significant collection in the band’s discography, offering fans and newcomers alike a comprehensive look at their studio albums. Here’s a detailed look at the “Discovery” box set:

Pink Floyd Discovery Boxset Box
Pink Floyd Discovery Boxset Box
  1. Content Overview: The “Discovery” box set includes all of Pink Floyd’s 14 studio albums, from “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” (1967) to “The Division Bell” (1994). This set provides an extensive overview of the band’s musical evolution over nearly three decades.
  2. Remastering Quality: One of the key features of this box set is the remastering of each album. The band members themselves oversaw the remastering process, ensuring that the sound quality was enhanced while staying true to the original recordings. This aspect was particularly appealing to audiophiles and long-time fans who appreciated the improved audio fidelity.
  3. Packaging and Artwork: Unlike the “Oh, By The Way” box set, the “Discovery” set did not replicate the original vinyl packaging. Instead, each album was presented in a uniform design with a booklet containing lyrics, credits, and photographs. The artwork for the box set itself was minimalist, focusing on the audio content rather than the visual aspect.
  4. Additional Content: While the “Discovery” set did not include any new music or previously unreleased tracks, the comprehensive booklets provided added value. They offered fans a deeper insight into each album, with lyrics and photos that complemented the listening experience.
  5. Target Audience: The “Discovery” box set was aimed at a broad audience, from hardcore Pink Floyd fans to those newly discovering the band. Its focus on improved sound quality and comprehensive coverage of the studio albums made it an appealing purchase for both groups.
  6. Reception and Impact: Upon release, the “Discovery” box set was well-received, particularly for its high-quality audio remastering. Some fans, however, missed the unique packaging and additional memorabilia that were part of previous collections like “Oh, By The Way”. Nevertheless, the set was praised for making Pink Floyd’s entire studio album catalog readily accessible and for presenting it in a way that highlighted the band’s musical prowess.

In summary, the “Discovery” box set from 2011 offered an all-encompassing look at Pink Floyd’s studio work, with a focus on sound quality and a comprehensive compilation of their albums. It stands as an essential collection for fans and serves as a perfect entry point for those new to the band’s music.

Pink Floyd Discovery Boxset Overview Sleeve
Pink Floyd Discovery Boxset Overview Sleeve

“Discovery” Box Set: Unveiling Pink Floyd’s Sonic Masterpieces


In 2011, Pink Floyd unveiled the “Discovery” box set, a comprehensive collection that brought all 14 of their studio albums together. This release not only served as a gateway into the band’s evolving soundscapes but also stood as a testament to their enduring impact on the world of rock music.

The Essence of “Discovery”

Pink Floyd’s “Discovery” box set is a treasure trove for fans and newcomers alike. It includes every studio album from their groundbreaking debut “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” to the introspective “The Division Bell”. This collection takes listeners on a journey through almost three decades of musical innovation.

Superior Sound: The Remastering Process

A standout feature of the “Discovery” set is the meticulous remastering of each album. Overseen by the band members themselves, this process enhanced the sound quality while preserving the authenticity of the original recordings. This careful remastering appealed to audiophiles and dedicated fans, providing a fresh listening experience.

Simplified Packaging with a Focus on Content

Contrasting the “Oh, By The Way” box set, “Discovery” opted for a more uniform and minimalist design. Each album came with a booklet filled with lyrics, credits, and photographs, offering fans deeper insights into each record. The packaging’s focus was clearly on the audio content, catering to those who prioritize sound over visuals.

Target Audience: From Die-Hard Fans to New Listeners

The “Discovery” box set catered to a wide audience. For long-time Pink Floyd fans, the enhanced audio quality was a major draw. Meanwhile, those new to the band found the set an accessible and complete introduction to Pink Floyd’s discography.

Reception and Legacy

Upon its release, the “Discovery” box set received widespread acclaim, particularly for its high-quality audio remastering. While some fans missed the unique packaging and memorabilia of previous collections, the set was praised for making Pink Floyd’s full studio album catalog more accessible and for highlighting the band’s musical excellence.


The “Discovery” box set from Pink Floyd is more than just a collection of albums; it’s an immersive experience into the band’s rich sonic landscape. It stands as a crucial piece for any music collector and an inviting entry point for new fans. By presenting their complete studio works with enhanced audio quality and insightful booklets, Pink Floyd’s “Discovery” box set secures their legacy as pioneers in the world of rock music.