Ultimate Floyd/Other Playlist Competition – Virgin Radio!

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Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin Radio) are running a competition for music forums dedicated to a band to come up with the ultimate music playlist! It has to have 6 songs from the band the forum is dedicated to (Pink Floyd) and 6 others! The playlist is to be decided by the forum collectively!!

What Is the Prize?

The Prize is that the forum will be featured on Absolute Radio for a day and a Pink Floyd song would be played every hour!! Read the Full Info.

Important Dates

Thursday 13th November 2008 – Playlist Submissions Start
Tuesday 18th November 2008 – Users can vote for 12 songs from the playlist in a forum poll
Sunday 23rd November 2008 – Voting ends and playlist is submitted to Absolute Radio

How Will This Work?

If you would like to add your idea for a Floyd AND other song to the playlist, then you will need to visit the NPF Forum and add it on THIS THREAD.  You basically copy the current list of songs forum members have come up with, copy it to a new forum post, then add yours to it!  Simple as that.

On the 18th next week, I will then make two polls in which you can vote for your favourite 6 songs from the Pink Floyd list and your 6 favourites from the Other list. The top 6 from each list will then form our playlist to be submitted to Absolute Radio!

If you have any questions or comments, then just ask on the forum on this thread.

Source – [ NPF & Absolute Radio ]