Pink Floyd Meddle Tour (1971)

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The Pink Floyd Meddle Tour in 1971 was significant for several reasons. This tour was undertaken to promote their sixth studio album, “Meddle,” which was a pivotal work in Pink Floyd’s discography. “Meddle” represented a departure from their earlier sound and a step towards the style that would later define classic albums like “The Dark Side of the Moon.”

Key aspects of the Meddle Tour include:

  1. Album Promotion: The tour was primarily in support of the “Meddle” album, which featured the iconic track “Echoes,” a 23-minute piece that occupied the entire second side of the album.
  2. Setlist: The concerts typically included songs from “Meddle,” such as “One of These Days” and “Echoes,” alongside earlier tracks like “A Saucerful of Secrets.” The setlists often varied, reflecting the band’s experimental and evolving musical style.
  3. Tour Schedule: The Meddle Tour included performances across Europe and North America. It marked a period of increasing international popularity for the band.
  4. Musical Evolution: This tour is noted for its role in the band’s ongoing musical evolution. The improvisational and experimental nature of their performances during this period was critical in shaping their future sound.
  5. Stage and Sound: Like many Pink Floyd tours, the Meddle Tour was known for its innovative use of stage and sound technology. The band was beginning to incorporate more elaborate stage designs and lighting effects, which would become a hallmark of their later tours.
  6. Impact and Legacy: The Meddle Tour helped cement Pink Floyd’s status as a major force in progressive and psychedelic rock. The tour, and the album it supported, played a significant role in setting the stage for the band’s subsequent groundbreaking work.

The Meddle Tour is often remembered as a transitional period for Pink Floyd, laying the groundwork for the artistic and commercial successes that would follow in the 1970s.

Pink Floyd Meddle Tour Dates

1971-11-02 : Mccarter Theatre, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
1971-11-03 : Central Theatre, Passaic (New Jersey), USA
1971-11-04 : Lowes Theatre, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
1971-11-05 : Columbia University Of New York, New York, New York, USA
1971-11-06 : Emerson Gymnasium, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1971-11-08 : Peace Bridge Exhibition Center, Buffalo (New York), USA
1971-11-09 : Centre Sportif, Montreal (Quebec), Canada
1971-11-10 : Pavillion De La Jeunesse, Quebec City (Quebec), Canada
1971-11-11 : Music Hall (Boston), Boston, Massachussets, USA
1971-11-12 : University Of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
1971-11-13 : Chapin Hall, Williamstown (Massachusetts), USA
1971-11-14 : State University of New York, Londg Island (New York), USA
1971-11-15 : Carnegie Hall (New York), New York, New York, USA
1971-11-16 : Lisner Auditorium, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
1971-11-19 : Syria Mosque Theater, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
1971-11-20 : Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
1971-12-26 : Radio Bremen Tv Studios, Bremen, Germany