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“Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London” is a 1968 documentary film directed by Peter Whitehead. It’s a visual and auditory exploration of the “Swinging London” scene of the late 1960s, characterized by its focus on the youth-driven cultural revolution that was taking place in London at the time. The title of the film is a reference to the counter-cultural and free love movements that were prominent during this era.

Pink Floyd Tonight Lets All Make Love in London 1968
Pink Floyd Tonight Lets All Make Love in London 1968

Key aspects of the film include:

  1. Documentary Style: The film is known for its experimental style, blending interviews, concert footage, and other scenes to create a collage-like portrayal of the London scene.
  2. Music and Performances: “Tonight Let’s All Make Love in London” features music and performances from influential artists of the time, including Pink Floyd, who were at the forefront of the psychedelic music movement. The film captures some of the early music and performances of Pink Floyd, making it a significant piece for fans of the band and music historians.
  3. Interviews and Cultural Insights: The film includes interviews with key figures from the London cultural scene, including artists, musicians, and others who were integral to the Swinging London movement. These interviews provide insights into the thoughts, attitudes, and experiences of those involved in this cultural shift.
  4. Representation of the 1960s Counter-Culture: The film is often viewed as a time capsule that captures the essence of 1960s counter-culture in London. It portrays the optimism, experimental nature, and revolutionary spirit of the youth during that period.
  5. Historical and Cultural Significance: “Tonight Let’s All Make Love in London” is regarded as an important document of its time, providing a snapshot of a dynamic period in cultural history. It’s appreciated not only for its artistic and experimental approach to filmmaking but also as a historical document that captures a pivotal moment in London’s cultural evolution.

The film is often cited for its artistic and cultural significance, and it remains an interesting piece for those studying the cultural movements of the 1960s, especially the psychedelic and free love movements, and their impact on music, art, and society.

Track Listing

1 Interstellar Overdrive (Soundtrack Version) – The Pink Floyd
2 Interview 1 – Michael Caine
3 The Changing of the Guard (Soundtrack Version) – The Marquis of Kensington
4 Night Time Girl (Soundtrack Version) – Twice As Much
5 Interview – Genevieve
6 Out of Time (Soundtrack Version) – Chris Farlowe
7 Interview – Edna O’Brien
8 Interstellar Overdrive – Extract 1 (Soundtrack Version) – The Pink Floyd
9 Interview 1 – Andrew Loog Oldham
10 Winter Is Blue (Soundtrack Version) – Vashti
11 Interview 2 – Andrew Loog Oldham
12 Winter Is Blue – Reprise (Soundtrack Version) – Vashti
13 Interview – Mick Jagger
14 Interview – Julie Christie
15 Interview 2 – Michael Caine
16 Paint It Black (Soundtrack Version) – Chris Farlowe
17 Interview – Alan Aldridge
18 Paint It Black – Reprise (Soundtrack Version) – Chris Farlowe
19 Interview – David Hockney
20 Here Come the Nice (Soundtrack Version) – Small Faces
21 Interview – Lee Marvin
22 Interstellar Overdrive – Extract 2 (Soundtrack Version) – The Pink Floyd
23 Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London – ALLEN GINSBERG