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NPF is one of the oldest Pink Floyd websites on the internet and has been around since around 1999. The site today costs a fair amount to run and is not supported by advertising or subscription. It is provided as a labor of love – both of the band and its rich history, but also for bringing people together!

You can support the site in lots of ways:

  • Share your photosget in touch about having your photos featured on the site
  • Community – be a member of our forum and enjoy our friendly discussions
  • Shop – use our Amazon links [UK and International] so we earn a small commission from Amazon. This doesn’t cost you any extra when you shop, Amazon just pay us a small percentage of your order
  • Donate Cash – the site costs are broken down below to give you an idea of our costs. Contribute via our PayPal Pool or get in touch about making a donation.

Site Costs are summarised below to give you an indication of the costs involved in running the site on an annual and yearly basis.

Cost ElementMonthlyYearly
Our site is many gigabytes in size and has a large database driven forum, we have a huge amount of data transfer per month and therefore have a dedicated cloud server
Our site is protected from malicious actors around the world using Cloud flare. Its a mixture of performance and security which keeps things safe for our visitors and more enjoyable
Our new gallery software enables a mobile friendly site and makes finding photos easy
Gallery Tagging
To help the community find the content we use automatic tagging on gallery images, using machine learning to automatically tag images

So please, contribute via our PayPal Pool to help us. :-)