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Roger Waters Live Concert Dates in 2023 and 2024

Roger Waters Live in Manchester 2023 Review and Photos

The Roger Waters concert in Manchester last night was the last UK concert date and the band will have a much earned rest until November 2023 where they kick off the This Is Not A Drill Tour again. It was a hot night in many ways. There was a lot of politics in the show with Roger telling people who had a problem with that to F**k off to the bar! The band were on absolute top form and sounded amazing playing to an amazing audience. A fiery Roger gave a fantastic performance especially considering he is only 4 years younger that Bob Dylan at 79, but his brother John Waters was only 2 years younger when he sadly passed away last year. The the temperature of the venue was absolutely boiling, which Roger mentioned himself. How he could stand there, leather clad from head to toe, under such hot...

David Gilmour

Year in Review: Roger Waters & David Gilmour 2006 By Andrew Beale and azza200

2006 has been a busy year for our favorite Floydians. David Gilmour and Roger Waters both launched a tour this year, collaborating with other members of Pink Floyd and some old friends. Nick Mason and Rick Wright were very involved this year. Nick played a few shows with Roger, and Rick played keyboards throughout David’s tour. Jon Carin was quite busy, playing as a full time member of both David and Roger’s band. I (Andrew Beale) unfortunately could not have made it to one of Gilmour’s concerts, so I got some help from azza200 to write this article who saw David twice on his tour. David Gilmour Dates: David played Continental Europe, North America, and the UK on his tour. He only played 36 dates in total, a select few dates compared to Rogers numerous. The venues tended to be smaller and the tickets were expensive. Some problems with this...