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I am rather looking forward to listening to Pink Floyd The Wall demos in The Wall Immersion boxset to be released next month on 27th Feb in UK and 28th in other countries around the Americas and Eurasia. I wrote a little article looking at the contents of the immersion edition of The Wall called… A Fleeting Glimpse of… Pink Floyd’s The Wall Demos Feel free to have a read of the article to see what is where and on which disc. Its as much for my benefit as anything else to help my poor old mind get to terms with how the powers that be organised the material on the album discs 5 and 6.

A Fleeting Glimpse of… Pink Floyd’s The Wall Demos

A Fleeting Glimpse of… Pink Floyd’s The Wall Demos

Pre-Order The Wall Immersion Boxset from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com Click to enlarge Pink Floyd The Wall Immersion Boxset Old Pink almost caught a fleeting glimpse of something quite terrible in the song Comfortably Numb from The Wall album. But Pink Floyd fans can now definitely catch a fleeting glimpse of something much better from the Immersion Boxset of The Wall album! Two of the seven discs are dedicated to The Wall being under construction and listeners can witness the album evolving from Roger Waters’ original demos (Nick Mason once described them as “the most appalling demos”), through to the band studio production demos and finally to the final studio recordings of the album. Are you ready for a fleeting glimpse of the construction of The Wall? The first 4 discs of The Wall Immersion boxset are two for the remastered album and another two for the live Pink Floyd concert recording of the original Wall. This was...