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David Gilmour World Tour Starts Tonight – Glimpse Rehearsal Photos

David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals [Pic: Polly Samson]
David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals [Pic: Polly Samson]
David Gilmour’s world tour 2015/16 was announced all the way back on 4th March 2015 and those 6 months since have seen excitement building amongst fans.

There have been all kinds of amazing videos shared from the making of David’s new album Rattle That Lock and lots of great photos too regarding the album – from recording session photos, album artwork and some nice behind the scenes stuff.

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Multimedia Galore

David Gilmour Rattle That Lock Album Artwork
David Gilmour Rattle That Lock Album Artwork

Polly Samson, who wrote the lyrics for David’s new album, is sharing some excellent photos on her PollySamsonRTL instagram website feed and some of them are included in this article.

There are nice things being shared on David Gilmour’s facebook page too so make sure you are following that!

“The band is about ready to begin…”

David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals (1)
David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals (1)

The tour starts properly tonight at the first big venue following the warm up gig at Brighton last weekend – read some excellent fan review about the Brighton concert. There are some rather beautiful venues included on the David Gilmour World Tour and, in case you haven’t seen it yet, there is an article showing those wonderful venues.

David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals (2)
David Gilmour Pula Croatia 2015 Rehearsals (2)

David and his talented band will perform at the Pula Roman Arena in Pula, Croatia tonight much to the delight of the fans attending.

There have been some photos shared of the rehearsals which are included in this article from David’s facebook page.

David Gilmour 2015/16 Tour Setlist

David Gilmour Brighton Centre Sep 2015
David Gilmour Brighton Centre September 2015

There has been some discussion about the David Gilmour Tour Setlist on the NPF Forum and people were discussing the selection of songs played at the Brighton warm up concert.

However, it is possible those songs selected for Brighton were done so for testing video projections, sound production etc. as opposed to being the final setlist for the tour. The concert tonight shall reveal the tour setlist though so keep an eye open on the forum if you want to see what was played. 😉

See David Gilmour World Tour concert dates for a full list of the concert dates that have been announced so far. Make sure you get our newsletter to find out about any further announcements.

Have a listen to the beautiful A Boat Lies Waiting by David Gilmour:

What to do with my backup domain

I am debating what to do if anything with my neptunepinkfloyd.info domain as it is just sat there doing nothing.  May set up a blog/wiki for Roger Waters 2010 tour or something.  Or just use it to store backups of the main NPF site as I currently do. Mmm what to do??

Not long to go now until next Monday when all the tour dates are announced for the tour so looking forward to that day very much indeed!  I had best decide what to do with that domain then!!

Thinking about it, people can post their content including photos and videos from their experiences from Rogers concerts on the NPF Forum or on the social media websites I set up for NPF.  Join those, they are fun.