In the Flesh European Tour (2002), Roger Waters

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The “In the Flesh” European Tour in 2002 was part of Roger Waters’ broader “In the Flesh” world tour, which marked his extensive return to live performing as a solo artist. This European leg was particularly notable as it brought Waters’ diverse musical repertoire to a European audience, many of whom were eager to experience his live performances. Here are some key details about this tour:

  1. Tour Reach: The European leg of the “In the Flesh” tour in 2002 saw Roger Waters performing in various countries across Europe. This included stops in major cities and featured large-scale venues, reflecting Waters’ popularity and the high demand from fans.
  2. Setlist: Consistent with other legs of the “In the Flesh” tour, the European shows featured a mix of Roger Waters’ solo work and a significant selection of Pink Floyd classics. The setlist often included songs from iconic albums like “The Dark Side of the Moon,” “Wish You Were Here,” and “The Wall.” The choice of songs showcased the breadth of Waters’ career, from his days with Pink Floyd to his solo endeavors.
  3. Performance and Band: Waters was backed by a talented group of musicians, capable of delivering high-quality performances of both his solo and Pink Floyd material. The band typically included seasoned artists who had a deep understanding of the musical and thematic nuances of Waters’ work.
  4. Production and Visuals: While not as theatrically elaborate as some of Waters’ other tours, such as “The Wall” live shows, the “In the Flesh” tour was still known for its impressive production. This included high-quality sound, sophisticated lighting, and visual effects that enhanced the overall concert experience.
  5. Audience Reception: The European leg of the tour was well-received, with audiences appreciating the opportunity to hear a comprehensive mix of Waters’ repertoire. His performances were often praised for their musicality and the emotional resonance of the material.
  6. Significance: This tour was significant for cementing Roger Waters’ status as a powerful live performer in his own right, separate from his Pink Floyd legacy. It helped to bridge his past work with his current solo career, presenting them as a continuous musical journey.
  7. Legacy: The success of the “In the Flesh” tour, including its European leg, reinforced Waters’ global appeal and his ability to draw large audiences. It also set the stage for his future tours, which would continue to be ambitious in both musical and production terms.

The “In the Flesh” European Tour in 2002 was a key moment in Roger Waters’ solo career, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with a blend of his new works and classic Pink Floyd songs, and solidifying his reputation as a standout live performer.

In the Flesh European Tour Dates (2002), Roger Waters

2002-05-04 : Pavilhäo Atläntico, Lisbon, Portugal
2002-05-05 : Pavilhäo Atläntico, Lisbon, Portugal
2002-05-08 : Estádio Olímpico Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain
2002-05-10 : Fila Forum, Milan, Italy
2002-05-11 : Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland
2002-05-13 : Sportpaleis (Belgium), Antwerp, Belgium
2002-05-15 : Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2002-05-17 : Messe Halle (Erfurt), Erfurt, Germany
2002-05-18 : Kolnarena, Koln, Germany
2002-05-20 : Arena (Oberhausen), Oberhausen, Germany
2002-05-22 : Preussag Arena, Hannover, Germany
2002-05-24 : Spektrum (Oslo), Oslo, Norway
2002-05-25 : Globe Arena (Stockholm), Stockholm, Sweden
2002-05-27 : New Arena (St. Petersburg), St. Petersburg, Russia
2002-05-29 : Olimpiski Arena, Moscow, Russia
2002-05-31 : Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
2002-06-02 : Forum København, Copenhagen, Denmark
2002-06-04 : Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
2002-06-05 : Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
2002-06-07 : Stadion Gwardii, Warsaw, Poland
2002-06-09 : Velodrome, Berlin, Germany
2002-06-10 : Paegas Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
2002-06-12 : Stadio Flaminio, Rome, Italy
2002-06-14 : Festivalgelande, Wiesen, Austria
2002-06-15 : Kissstadion, Budapest, Hungary
2002-06-17 : Schleyer Halle, Stuttgart, Germany
2002-06-19 : Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, Paris, France
2002-06-21 : National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, England
2002-06-22 : Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, England
2002-06-24 : The Point, Dublin, Ireland
2002-06-26 : Wembley Arena, London, England
2002-06-27 : Wembley Arena, London, England
2002-06-29 : Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts, Glastonbury, England