Saucerful of Secrets 2019 European Tour

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Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets 2019 European Tour: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Pink Floyd fans from across Europe were in for a treat in 2019 as Nick Mason, the iconic drummer of the legendary band, embarked on a captivating musical journey with his project, Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets. The band’s 2019 European Tour brought the magic of Pink Floyd’s early music back to the stage, delighting audiences with a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The Lineup

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets features an impressive lineup of seasoned musicians. Alongside Nick Mason on drums, the band included Gary Kemp on guitar and vocals, Guy Pratt on bass and vocals, Lee Harris on guitar, and Dom Beken on keyboards. With this talented ensemble, the stage was set for an authentic and immersive experience of Pink Floyd’s formative years.

A Focus on Early Pink Floyd

One of the unique aspects of Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets is their dedication to performing early Pink Floyd songs. The tour showcased tracks from albums like “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” “A Saucerful of Secrets,” “More,” “Ummagumma,” and other classics from that era. Fans who may have missed out on experiencing Pink Floyd’s music during the band’s heyday were given a second chance to immerse themselves in the psychedelic and experimental soundscapes that defined Pink Floyd’s early work.

The Live Experience

Audiences who attended the 2019 European Tour were treated to an unforgettable live experience. The band’s attention to detail in recreating the sonic textures and visual aesthetics of early Pink Floyd was truly remarkable. From the hypnotic light shows to the immersive soundscapes, each performance was designed to transport fans back to the 1960s and 1970s, when Pink Floyd was pushing the boundaries of music and creativity.

Positive Reviews and Fan Reactions

The Saucerful of Secrets 2019 European Tour received widespread acclaim from both fans and critics. Audiences marveled at the authenticity and passion with which the band delivered these classic songs. Many fans expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to witness these timeless tracks performed live once again, and for a new generation of music enthusiasts to discover the magic of early Pink Floyd.

Continuing the Legacy

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets didn’t stop with the 2019 European Tour. Their ongoing commitment to preserving and celebrating the legacy of Pink Floyd’s early music has ensured that the spirit of that era lives on. They have continued to tour and perform, sharing the joy of Pink Floyd’s groundbreaking music with audiences around the world.

In conclusion, the Saucerful of Secrets 2019 European Tour was a remarkable musical journey that allowed fans to reconnect with the sounds and sensations of Pink Floyd’s formative years. It was a testament to the enduring appeal of the band’s early music and a celebration of the creativity and innovation that defined Pink Floyd’s legendary career. For those who had the privilege of attending, it was an experience they will cherish for years to come.

Saucerful of Secrets 2019 European Tour Dates

2019-04-29 : St Davids Hall (Cardiff), Cardiff, Wales
2019-04-30 : Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury, England
2019-05-01 : Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England
2019-05-03 : Roundhouse, Camden, England
2019-05-04 : Roundhouse, Camden, England
2019-07-03 : Kloster Wiblingen Ulm, Ulm, Germany
2019-07-05 : Augusta Raurica Open Air, Augst, Switzerland
2019-07-06 : Les Arenas de Nimes, Nimes, France
2019-07-08 : Arena la Civitella, Chieti, Italy
2019-07-10 : Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valetta, Malta
2019-07-12 : Teatro Antico di Taormina, Sicily, Italy
2019-07-14 : Palazzo Mauro de Andre, Ravenna, Italy
2019-07-16 : Cavea Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Rome, Italy
2019-07-17 : Arena Santa Giuliana, Perugia, Italy
2019-07-18 : Piazza Della Loggia, Brescia, Italy
2019-07-20 : Freilichtbuhne Loreley, St Goarshausen, Germany
2019-07-21 : Theatre Antique de Lyon, Lyon, France
2019-07-23 : RAI Theatre Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2019-07-25 : Lucerna Velky Sal, Prague, Czech Republic
2019-07-27 : Hala Torwar COS, Warsaw, Poland