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Bulb Man!

Pictures from The Pink Floyd Mortal Remains Exhibition – Spectacular!

If you still haven’t visited The Pink Floyd Their Mortal Remains exhibition at the V&A Museum in London then time is running out as it ends soon! Your humble narrator went a couple of weeks ago and you can see my photos and videos from the exhibition in this article now. There is a spectacular “live room” where you are immersed in incredible 360 degrees of sound and video, all the puppets you would expect from The Wall, incredible memorabilia including the enormous Division Bell Heads, tour equipment, Syd Barrett’s “mirror” guitar and a whole lot more. Here is a preview video from “the live room” which was an excellent experience indeed. The exhibition is so well done to such a high professional standard; you would be a fool to miss it! Article continues after the photos below. The exhibition was originally planned to take place in Italy a couple...

Pink Floyd Photos – lots of pictures to see!

Pink Floyd Photos – lots of pictures to see!

Along with the forum, probably the other best feature of this website is the photo gallery.  The Pink Floyd Photos gallery has over 2500 pictures of the band, live tour photos, posters, artwork and all sorts of other stuff. Pink Floyd Photos – lots of pictures