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David Gilmour The Piper's Call Music Video

The Piper’s Call Official Music Video + Uncut Mag Feature

The Piper’s Call Official Music Video will premier on 26 April at 17:15 on YouTube by David Gilmour. You will be able to watch it here. The video is for the first single from the new album Luck and Strange. The title of the album came from the title of a “barn sessions” recording during the making of The Division Bell. It is released on 6th September which happens to be Roger Water’s birthday! The Piper’s Call Official Music Video features David on the Astoria Houseboat, his recording Studio. Uncut Magazine Feature Also, David Gilmour is on the cover of the June 2024 Uncut magazine, revealing all about his new album in a world exclusive interview. The magazine is out 26th April around the world. Sources – Uncut Magazine –

David Gilmour Luck and Strange Artwork

The Piper’s Call Lyrics, David Gilmour

Home / Pink Floyd Lyrics / Luck and Strange Lyrics / The Piper’s Call Lyrics by David Gilmour Take these binds everlastingCan’t undo that voodoo that you doAnd the knots that we fastenWill not work themselves loose Whatever it takesSteer clear of the snakes The road to hell is paved with gold, they’ll tell youAll the things that you don’t need, they’ll sell you Your conscience uncontrolledAnd beauty to beholdThe promise of eternal youthThe spoils of fame, a carpe diem attitude The flamеs are high, the piper’s call, contagiousA fixеr who will numb your pain, and strangeness The wheels are hot, the hangover outrageousThis dealer he will trade your soul for favours But you’ll reap what you sowAs I found long agoThe promise of eternal youthThe spoils of fame, a carpe diem attitude Analysis of the Piper’s Call Lyrics These song lyrics delve into themes of temptation, consequence, and the pursuit of fleeting pleasures....