Nick Mason Solo Albums Available Separately

Nick Mason, Pink Floyd’s drummer, is to release his solo albums as individual LPs & CDs for the first time since their original releases. The three albums will be released on 7th June 2024. The albums are Fictitious Sports, Profiles, and the film soundtrack, White of the Eye with Rick Fenn.

The boxset Unattended Luggage was released fairly recently in 2018; this included all three albums. But you can now get them individually, just in case you have worn one LP out in particular.

Nick Mason Solo Albums

Nick’s solo work is often experimental and eclectic, exploring various musical styles and featuring collaborations with other artists.

Nick Mason’s Fictitious SportsLP or CDLP or CD
ProfilesLP from HMV or CDLP or CD
White of the EyeLP or CDLP or CD
Unattended LuggageLPs or CDsLP or CD

Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports” (1981): This was Mason’s first solo album, released under the band name “Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports.” The album features music written by jazz musician Carla Bley, with Mason providing the drumming. The album has a quirky and avant-garde sound, blending elements of jazz, rock, and experimental music.

Profiles” (1985): Mason’s second solo album, “Profiles,” features collaborations with 10cc guitarist Rick Fenn. The album has a more rock-oriented sound compared to his debut, with elements of progressive rock and electronica.

White of the Eye” (1987): This album is a soundtrack to the British film “White of the Eye,” directed by Donald Cammell. Mason composed the music for the film, which features a mix of atmospheric and experimental tracks.

Unattended Luggage” (2018): “Unattended Luggage” is a compilation of three albums: “Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports,” “Profiles,” and “White of the Eye.” The compilation was released as a box set and includes remastered versions of Mason’s solo work.

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