3 Mick Rock Photos of Syd Barrett Auctioned for Charity

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A photos of Syd Barrett by Mick Rock (Not in auction)

Three photographs of Syd Barrett are to be auctioned for charity this November.

The images, taken by iconic rock photographer and friend of Barrett Mick Rock during the 1969 photo shoot for Syd’s debut solo album ‘The Madcap Laughs’, will go under the hammer at The Phillips de Pury Gallery in London on November 21.

Two of the pictures are black and white, 51 x 60cm, one a close up head shot and the other shows Syd on the bonnet of a car. The third, larger at 112 x 76cm, in colour, has Syd sitting on the floor of his Earls Court flat, accompanied by a record player.

The three pictures are being sold as part of a series of themed auctions of contemporary art and culture, with fifty per cent of money raised from the Barrett prints going to the Syd Barrett Fund, set up by Syd’s sister Rosemary Breen in memory of her brother in 2008.

The fund supports arts projects which better mental wellbeing, and a long term goal is to open the Syd Barrett Centre for Social Arts in his home city of Cambridge.

Reason for the Fund

Rosemary says of her reason for setting up the fund: “Because I recognise how important music and art were to Syd, I want to help other people, who can benefit in the same way from the arts as he did, by providing opportunities for active involvement in the creative process. It seems to me that so many people hold his memory with such affection, I feel that they would, as I would, value the opportunity to put that affection to good use. There seems to be such love for him free in the air, I really hope we can do something useful with it.”

Speaking of her hopes for the Centre for Social Arts she adds:  “It would be wonderful if we could have classrooms where art and various creative things were taught, and a gallery or exhibition area, perhaps a cafe where anyone could just drop in, somewhere that was totally inclusive. It seems in life we separate ourselves too much, and I would really like a place where everyone could feel included and welcome. I’m very aware of how lonely Syd was because he was different, especially in the latter years in Cambridge after the Floyd. I would like to think that people could feel accepted and find companionship even if it’s only in a group of like-minded people. I think the loneliness he felt was profound and if we could at least help some people from feeling that isolation then I would feel we’ve achieved something.”

Info on Auction

The Syd Barrett photos are being sold during a series of four monthly auctions happening in London and New York. Viewing for the Music sale begins on Monday November 9, with the auction taking place on Saturday November 21 at 5 PM. Bids can be made by phone as well as in person.

Address for the auction and viewing is Howick Place, London, SW1P 1BB; catalogues for the sale are available from here, full catalogue details will also be on www.phillipsdepury.com.

The Music sale is the third of four auctions which draw upon the expertise of the Contemporary Art, Photographs, Design and Editions departments at Phillips. It will also be the first auction ever to be held with live music, with acclaimed musician Matthew Herbert creating a “sound carpet” to accompany the auction.

The Mick Rock pictures have been included alongside iconic work from Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol’s 1984 Michael Jackson portrait and art from musicians such as Pete Doherty and Marilyn Manson.

The Syd Barrett Fund has undertaken a number of fundraising initiatives since its inception in 2008. A multi-art tribute event to Syd called the City Wakes was staged in Cambridge in October 2008, and in March 2009 a collection of Barrett-created drawings from late 1964 was sold for £12,600.

Syd Barrett was the original front man and songwriter in Pink Floyd. He left in 1968 after just three years in the band. He released two solo albums, both in 1970. He died in July 2006 aged 60.

Source [ Simon at Escape Artists ]