Pink Floyd French Summer Tour (1974)

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The Pink Floyd French Summer Tour in 1974 was a significant event in the band’s history, showcasing their continued evolution in the realm of progressive rock and live performances. Following the massive success of “The Dark Side of the Moon,” this tour allowed Pink Floyd to experiment with new material and stagecraft. Here are some key aspects of the French Summer Tour:

  1. Tour Duration and Locations: The tour was relatively brief, primarily focusing on dates in France during the summer of 1974. This targeted approach meant that the shows were particularly anticipated by fans in the region.
  2. New Material: One of the most notable aspects of this tour was Pink Floyd’s presentation of new material that would later appear on their 1975 album “Wish You Were Here.” This included early versions of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and other tracks from the forthcoming album.
  3. Setlist: The setlist often included a mix of new material and selections from “The Dark Side of the Moon.” This blend of the familiar and the new offered audiences a glimpse into both the band’s current state and its future direction.
  4. Musical Evolution: The tour reflected the band’s ongoing musical evolution. The new material showcased during the tour demonstrated a shift in style and thematic focus, particularly with the tribute to former band member Syd Barrett in “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”
  5. Stage Production: Continuing the trend set in previous tours, Pink Floyd’s French Summer Tour featured innovative stage production and sound quality. The band was known for its use of advanced sound systems and visual effects to create immersive concert experiences.
  6. Impact on “Wish You Were Here”: The audience’s reaction to the new material helped shape the final form of “Wish You Were Here.” The tour served as a testing ground for these songs, allowing the band to refine them before the album’s release.

The French Summer Tour of 1974 is often seen as a transitional period for Pink Floyd, bridging the gap between the success of “The Dark Side of the Moon” and the creation of “Wish You Were Here.” It highlighted the band’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of their music and live performance, setting the stage for their continued success in the latter half of the 1970s.

Pink Floyd French Summer Tour Dates

1974-06-18 : Parc Des Expositions (Toulouse), Toulouse, France
1974-06-19 : Parc Des Expositions (Poitiers), Poitiers, France
1974-06-21 : Palais Des Expositions (Dijon), Dijon, France
1974-06-22 : Theatre De Plein Air, Colmar, France
1974-06-24 : Palais Des Sports De La Porte De Versailles, Paris, France
1974-06-25 : Palais Des Sports De La Porte De Versailles, Paris, France
1974-06-26 : Palais Des Sports De La Porte De Versailles, Paris, France