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Oh, By The Way” is a box set by Pink Floyd, released in December 2007. This release was significant for several reasons:

  1. Content: It featured reissues of all fourteen Pink Floyd studio albums, from their 1967 debut “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” through to “The Division Bell” from 1994. Each album was presented as a mini-LP CD, faithfully replicating the original vinyl artwork, which was a unique feature at the time.
  2. Packaging: The attention to detail in the packaging was noteworthy. The box set was designed to look like a small, pink Floyd LP carrying case, and each CD was encased in a sleeve that meticulously reproduced the original album’s cover art, including any extras that were part of the original LP release, such as posters and stickers.
  3. Artwork: The cover art of the box set itself was created by Storm Thorgerson, a longtime collaborator with the band who had designed many of their most iconic album covers. The design featured a stylized ‘back catalogue’ image, with elements from various Pink Floyd album covers.
  4. Purpose: The release was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the band’s first album, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” and served as a comprehensive collection for both new fans and collectors. It was seen as a celebration of the band’s enduring legacy and influence in rock music.
  5. Reception: While the box set was praised for its design and the quality of the reproductions, some fans and critics noted that it didn’t include any new content, such as unreleased tracks or live recordings, which are often featured in box sets of this nature.

“Oh, By The Way” was not just a collection of Pink Floyd’s music; it was also a tribute to their artistic vision and the visual aspect of their work, which had always been an integral part of their identity as a band.

Pink Floyd Oh By The Way Packshot
Pink Floyd Oh By The Way Packshot
Pink Floyd Oh By The Way Mini LPs
Pink Floyd Oh By The Way Mini LPs
Pink Floyd Oh By The Way Box
Pink Floyd Oh By The Way Box

“Oh, By The Way” Box Set: A Tribute to Pink Floyd’s Musical Journey


December 2007 marked a significant moment for Pink Floyd enthusiasts with the release of “Oh, By The Way”, a comprehensive box set. This collection not only celebrated the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s influential music but also showcased the band’s enduring legacy through a well-curated musical and visual experience.

The Concept Behind “Oh, By The Way”

Pink Floyd aimed to offer a complete, collector-friendly package with “Oh, By The Way”. Spanning every studio album from the psychedelic “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” (1967) to the introspective “The Division Bell” (1994), the box set presented an immersive journey through the band’s evolving discography.

Design and Packaging: A Visual Feast

The design of the box set immediately captivates, mimicking a small, pink LP carrying case and highlighting Pink Floyd’s commitment to visual artistry. Storm Thorgerson, the graphic artist behind many of Pink Floyd’s iconic album covers, crafted the cover design, adding a layer of nostalgia and authenticity.

Inside, each of the fourteen albums appears as a mini-LP CD, meticulously replicating the original vinyl artwork, complete with original extras like posters and stickers. This dedication to authenticity delights collectors and pays homage to the vinyl era.

Exploring Musical Depths

“OH, By The Way” goes beyond being a collector’s item, offering a deep dive into Pink Floyd’s musical evolution. From their late 60s experimental sounds to the progressive rock of the 70s, marked by masterpieces like “The Dark Side of the Moon”, the box set showcases the band’s style and thematic evolution.

Audience Reception and Legacy

While some fans and critics noted the absence of new content like unreleased tracks, the box set received widespread praise for its dedication to preserving Pink Floyd’s legacy. It stands as a comprehensive exploration of their music, appealing to both new and long-time fans.


“Oh, By The Way” is more than a box set; it’s a journey through Pink Floyd’s history, a celebration of their art. It solidifies the band’s place in rock music history and offers fans a rich, nostalgic experience. For newcomers, it’s an introduction to the band’s significance, and for fans, it’s a vivid reminder of why Pink Floyd remains iconic in the music world.