Roger Waters New Album and 2013 Tour

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Roger Waters Tour 2013

Roger Waters will start work on his next studio album of original music after his 2012 leg of The Wall Live tour completes on 21st July at a spectacular outdoor concert at Les Plaines D’Abraham in Quebec, Canada.

Roger is also working on the financials for putting an outdoor stadium tour of The Wall together for Europe in the summer of 2013 in Europe.

Roger Waters New Album 2013?

In an interview in the New York Times today, when asked has he been writing any new songs, Roger Waters responded, “I have. I have written so much, and it’s been 20 years since I made a record. I came up with a song a few weeks ago on the road and then I started playing it a bit with the band in rehearsals. I think it may be the central part and also the kicking-off point for another album.”

When asked will he start work on the album when The Wall tour closes on 21st July, Roger said, “Yes. If I don’t work on it later this year, it might disappear, and I might never do anything again. So I think I have to and I’m very enthusiastic about it. And it encompasses a lot of the other songs I’ve written over the years. There are tons of them. I just never found a big enough hook to hang them around.”

Roger Waters Tour 2013 in Europe

Roger Waters was also asked would this be his last tour. He gave a very encouraging response that “I haven’t made up my mind. I’ve become very enamored of the outdoor show. It was a super challenge to see if we could take the arena production and made it work outdoors, and it works beautifully, but it is unbelievably expensive. So we are trying to figure out ways to make the numbers add up to go to Europe late next summer, in 2013. This show is such fun to do that I think I’ve got some more in me.”

The last of Roger Waters albums to be released was the opera Ca Ira which was divisive amongst fans due to it being an opera and not a rock album as people are accustomed to. If Roger is working with his current touring band on rehearsing some of the songs he has been writing, then this would suggest that it could well be the rock album he has been referring to for the past decade! Let us hope that it sees the light of day.

In our Pink Floyd survey, you fans voted Amused To Death as the favourite Roger Waters solo album. Hopefully he will go back to this sort of sound and vocal style.

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