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1981 Essex, Syd Barrett with sister Rosemary and mother Winifred

Syd Barrett: The Man Beyond the Myth, with his Sister Rosemary

The Fingal’s Cave Podcast recently granted us a rare and intimate glimpse into the life of the enigmatic Syd Barrett through a personal interview with his sister, Rosemary Breen. The hour-long session delved into a multitude of topics, unravelling some of the mystery that has long shrouded her brother. Its a great interview about Syd Barrett and his story and not to be missed. Syd Barrett the Artist Rosemary painted a picture of Syd not as the quintessential rock star many might assume, but as an artist at his core. “Music was a hobby, the art was him,” she explained, driving home the point that for Barrett, celebrity was an alien concept, something he neither sought after nor understood. Rosemary suggested, “He never wanted celebrity, he didn’t understand it”. Syd’s interactions with music and sound were personal explorations of art, not attempts to top the charts or bask in the...

Iggy the Eskimo portrait

Iggy the Eskimo AKA Evelyn Rose – Her Biography

Iggy the Eskimo AKA Evelyn Rose or Iggy the Inuit Evelyn Rose, better known as “Iggy the Eskimo,” was a mysterious figure in the 1960s London scene. Little is known about her early life, including her exact birth date or family details. The nickname “Eskimo” is believed to have been given to her because of her mixed-race heritage. Some people mistakenly believed to have Inuit origins. The term Eskimo is considered offensive and is today replaced with the word Inuit. Her original name is used in this article as this is a document of history. She briefly dated Syd Barrett and even featured on an album cover of his. Despite their brief coupling, she is part of the Pink Floyd story. This is because she was very prominent on the album cover. She passed away at age 69 in December 2017. Iggy’s Association with Syd Barrett Iggy’s claim to fame...