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Rick Wright On An Island Tour 2006

Richard Wright’s 80th Birthday – Wet Dream Remix Released with Dolby Atmos Screening Last Night in London

Today, we celebrate what would have been the 80th birthday of a true musical legend, Richard Wright. As the visionary keyboardist of Pink Floyd, Wright’s beautiful soundscapes and exploratory harmonies played an integral part in creating the band’s distinct, immersive sound. From the dreamy chords in ‘Us and Them’ to the hypnotic textures of ‘Echoes’, Wright’s contributions were the heart of Pink Floyd’s psychedelic canvas, creating a sonic backdrop against which the band painted their legendary, era-defining music. He was not just a keyboard player; he was a sound explorer, a space weaver, and an ethereal architect of Pink Floyd’s iconic sound. Wright may have departed this world, but his legacy continues to live on, touching the hearts of millions, inspiring countless musicians, and reshaping the landscape of rock music as we know it. Today, we remember and honour him. Happy birthday, Richard Wright. Wet Dream Out Today To mark...

David Gilmour Live

David Gilmour 2015 Tour Tickets On Sale

Tickets to David Gilmour’s 2015 tour are on sale today at 10am GMT March 6th to coincide with David’s birthday – happy 69th birthday, David! There are just 8 concerts announced so far with a note on David’s blog that there are no other concert dates planned at this point. David did talk of playing at Radio City Music Hall in America recently so it could be the case there are other dates to come in 2016, you never know! However, all we know is that the dates below have been announced in what must be one of the most anticipated tours in the past ten years! Get Your David Gilmour Tickets Here are the links to the ticket vendors so make sure you are at the ready with your credit card to get yourself some tickets! September 2015 is not that far away really! 12th Sep 2015: Arena Pula,...

On An Island Re-Release (USA) Review

On An Island Re-Release (USA) Review

David Gilmour and Richard Wright performing at David’s 60th Birthday party. David Gilmour’s third solo album On An Island (OAI) was first released on his 60th birthday back on 6th March 2006. Indeed, he celebrated his 60th at Porchester Hall in London at which he performed some songs with his 2006 touring band before they went off to travel the world touring the new album. It is therefore slightly surprising that, less than 9 months later, the album is re-released! This time though with a separate bonus DVD. Naturally, Gilmour used the media to his advantage to publicise the first offering of OAI, the first solo effort for many years, which included magazine interviews, radio interviews and, of course, TV and the internet! One such event for the internet was the AOL Session he did in April 2006. These sessions, along with a performance from the Royal Albert Hall and...