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Pink Floyd Sound Equipment

Pink Floyd Vintage PA System at Nick Mason’s Middlewick House

The Pink Floyd Vintage PA System will be on show next month. If you are heading to Nick Mason’s Middlewick house open garden charity event on 8/9th June then look out for the big red Avis van with a selection of Pink Floyd’s old PA equipment in! It will be in the Classic Vehicle outer field next to Middlewick House by invitation of Nick Mason. The equipment is collected and shared by CH Vintage Audio ran by Chris Hewitt. Chris has re-created many a Pink Floyd set up over the years for us geeks to enjoy and has books that cover the topic too. Its great that Nick Mason’s house and gardens will be its next location. June 2024 – Nick Mason’s House On June 8th and 9th, Nick Mason’s Middlewick house opens its doors for charity. Amidst the lush gardens, keep an eye out for the big red Avis van....

Re-Creating Pink Floyd's Mixing Desk in 2024

Pink Floyd’s Quad Sound Mixer Recreated

CH Vintage Audio’s Chris Hewitt, and Allen and Heath co founder Andy Bereza, have been busy recreating a sound mixing desk that Pink Floyd used from Pompeii in 1971 through the Dark Side of the Moon tour. The mixing desk is the piece of equipment that all the microphones and instruments plug into to blend and change the sounds with effects and EQ for example. That then plugs into the amplifiers and out through the WEM PA System. The PA systems of Pink Floyd are covered in great detail in the three books that Chris has released. Chris told NPF, “It’s a working  re creation  built by me and guided by Andy Bereza who designed and built the original which ( no longer exists ) was used between 1971 and 1974 so spanned Pompeii through Dark Side of The Moon and drove both of The Floyd PA systems  I own ie the WEM...