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Roger Waters The Soldier's Tale Album 2018

Roger Waters New Classical Album Out Now

Roger Waters has released a new album The Soldier’s Tale which was released on Friday 26th October 2018. Released by Sony Music Classical, it features Roger’s narration of a range of characters – all characters – and is set against music performed by Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival Orchestra with whom Roger performed with in 2008. Roger has always enjoyed doing his voices and many feature on Pink Floyd recordings from over the years.  Adding to his successful Ca Ira opera, Roger Waters has re-written the text for Igor Stravinsky’s “The Soldier’s Tale”. On a stunning new recording of this great piece he tells the whole of the harrowing modern fairy tale, playing not just the Soldier, the Devil and the Narrator, but all the other characters as well! This is an anti war theme which Roger has emphasised on his current Us & Them tour in particular, although it has been...

Roger Waters with Nadia and Masha from Pussy Riot

Roger Waters And Pussy Riot – Amnesty International Party

Roger Waters has attended an Amnesty International event in New York where he met, amongst others, members of the Pussy Riot protest band. Yoko Ono was also at the private party hosted by David and Lara Ross. Roger Waters said at the party, “I’m here because friends need support. The most important thing to me is that Pussy Riot resist Putin and his regime“. It was only recently that Nadia and Masha, some of the Pussy Riot band members who have now since left, were in prison for their political activities in Russia after upsetting President Putin with their hooliganism. Pussy Riot  are about feminism, separatist resistance, the fight against authoritarianism and personality cults. Masha and Nadia are no longer members of the group, and will no longer take part in radical actionism. Now they are engaged in a new project, as institutionalised advocates of prisoners’ rights. Roger has been political from...