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Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon Redux Lyrics

Listen to More Songs from Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon Redux

The new recording of Dark Side of the Moon by Roger Waters, the Redux version where he has reimagined the album and recorded it rather different to the original, now has two more tracks released and available to listen to on streaming platforms and YouTube below. In addition to Time and Money, you can now listen to the first two tracks from the album Speak to Me and Breathe. However, these have been interwoven with words that were not there before and quite surprising ones! Just listening to Speak to Me, Roger has actually read out the lyrics to Free Four from the Obscured by Clouds album, Pink Floyd’s 7th studio album and the one released immediately before Dark Side of the Moon. Obscured by Clouds was released in June 1972 with Dark Side of the Moon in March 1973. It is as if we have rewound the tape in...

1972 Obscured by Clouds Album Cover

Free Four Lyrics – Pink Floyd – Obscured By Clouds

Home / Pink Floyd Lyrics / Obscured by Clouds Lyrics / Free Four Lyrics Free Four (Waters) 4:15 The memories of a man in his old ageAre the deeds of a man in his prime.You shuffle in gloom of the sickroomAnd talk to yourself as you die. Life is a short, warm momentAnd death is a long cold rest.You get your chance to try in the twinkling of an eye:Eighty years, with luck, or even less. So all aboard for the American tour,And maybe you’ll make it to the top.And mind how you go, and I can tell you, ’cause I knowYou may find it hard to get off. You are the angel of deathAnd I am the dead man’s son.And he was buried like a mole in a fox hole.And everyone is still in the run. And who is the master of fox hounds?And who says the hunt has begun?And who calls...