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Matt Gilmour with father David Gilmour

Matt Gilmour, Son of David Gilmour

Matt Gilmour is one of the children of David Gilmour, the renowned guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his work with the legendary rock band Pink Floyd. Here’s what you might find interesting about Matthew Gilmour: Musical Talent: Like his father, Matthew has shown an inclination toward music. While not as prominently known in the music scene as his father, he has still ventured into the field, showcasing talent and potential. Band Involvement: In the past, Matthew was involved in a band named “The Whip.” Their style was different from Pink Floyd’s, leaning more towards alternative rock. David Gilmour Family and Children David Gilmour’s first marriage was to model and artist Virginia “Ginger” Hasenbein. The couple had four children: Alice Gilmour (born 1976), Clare Gilmour (born 1979), Sara Gilmour (born 1983) and Matthew (born 1986). In David Gilmour’s marriage to Polly Samson, he has adopted son Charlie Samson (born...

Gabriel Gilmour Downton Abbey

David Gilmour’s Kids in New Downton Abbey TV Show

Two of David Gilmour’s children have landed parts as extras in the hit TV drama Downton Abbey. The fourth season of the period drama will have eight episodes and will be broadcast in the UK in the autumn on ITV, and early next year on PBS in the United States. There will also be a Christmas special. The ITV period drama has Gabriel Gilmour, 16 and Romany Gilmour, 11, performing as extras in the hit series which should mean Sunday evening’s at the Gilmour’s Brighton home in the UK should be that much more fun! Filming for the new series started in February 2013 and should be concluding shortly. Picture on right is in Bampton, Oxfordshire. Downton Abbey has attracted some of the largest TV audiences over the past three series and season four should be equally as popular. Are you a fan of Downton Abbey and will you be...