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The Early Years 1965–1972 is an expansive box set by Pink Floyd, released in November 2016. This collection is particularly significant as it delves into the formative years of the band, offering an in-depth look at their development during this period. Here are the key details about this box set:

The Early Years 1965-1972
Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set
  1. Content and Structure: The box set consists of 27 discs, featuring a wealth of material including rare and previously unreleased audio and video recordings. It’s divided into seven individual book-style volumes, each focusing on different phases of the band’s early years. These volumes include ‘Cambridge St/ation’ (focusing on their earliest recordings in 1965), ‘Germin/ation’ (1968), ‘Dramatis/ation’ (1969), ‘Devi/ation’ (1970), ‘Reverber/ation’ (1971), and ‘Obfusc/ation’ (1972), along with a bonus volume ‘Continu/ation’.
  2. Rare and Unreleased Tracks: A highlight of the set is the inclusion of unreleased tracks, demos, outtakes, and live recordings. This gives fans a unique glimpse into the band’s creative process during these years.
  3. Video Content: The box set features an extensive range of video material, including live performances, TV appearances, and outtakes. This includes footage from their early years, contributing to a deeper understanding of their visual and performance style. Some of the bluray content has cleaned up significantly and is a serious upgrade to previously available video in the The Early Years 1965-1972 boxset.
  4. Additional Material: Along with the audio and video content, the set includes a variety of memorabilia, such as reproduction 7-inch singles, replica tour books, and even Pink Floyd’s early vinyl singles. This adds a tangible, nostalgic element to the collection.
  5. Booklets and Artwork: Each volume contains detailed booklets with extensive liner notes, essays, and rare photographs, contributing to the set’s historical and cultural value. The artwork and presentation of the box set are also noteworthy, reflecting the band’s attention to visual artistry.
  6. Target Audience: “The Early Years 1965-1972” is aimed primarily at hardcore Pink Floyd fans and collectors. Its extensive and detailed nature makes it a valuable resource for those interested in the band’s formative years and their development into one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century.
  7. Reception and Impact: Upon release, the box set was acclaimed for its comprehensive nature and the quality of its content. It provided an unprecedented insight into Pink Floyd’s early days and was praised for its meticulous curation and presentation.

In summary, “The Early Years 1965–1972” is an exhaustive and meticulously curated collection that offers a comprehensive look at the formative years of Pink Floyd. It stands not just as a treasure trove for fans but also as a significant document of the band’s early artistic development.

Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set - pack shot of The Early Years 1965-1972
Pink Floyd Early Years Box Set

The Early Years 1965-1972 Track list

The official Pink Floyd track list PDF document gives a very comprehensive overview of the contents of this amazing box set. It is very thorough and covers the entire early period of the band in great detail. The box contains 6 sub boxes of content covering audio, video and memorabilia slip and a memorabilia box containing larger items.

You can click the link below to download the PDF file to print or view in a wider format. The Early Years 1965-1972 is very comprehensive.

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