The Valley (Obscured by Clouds) DVD/Blu Ray feat. Pink Floyd

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The Valley (Obscured by Clouds) with Pink Floyd soundtrack

The striking second feature The Valley/La Vallee from Barbet Schroeder (Barfly, Reversal of Fortune, Single White Female), released by the BFI in a Dual Format Edition package, explores the limits of experience as it journeys into the great unknown accompanied by Pink Floyd‘s wondrous soundtrack, later released as the album Obscured By Clouds. It is published on 14th February 2011.

When Viviane (Bulle Ogier), a chic diplomat’s wife, meets an intriguing adventurer (Michael Gothard) and his hippy friends in the wilds of Papua New Guinea, different worlds collide. The group, led by enigmatic visionary Gaetan (Jean-Pierre Kalfon), convince Viviane to join their expedition in search of a mysterious uncharted Valley.

Previously unavailable in the UK, the film is a Dual Format Edition release (a Blu-ray and a DVD disc in one box) and has special features including three documentary shorts directed by Barbet Schroeder about aspects of the lives of the tribes of Papua New Guinea, and a new director-approved ‘optical effect’ digitally-restored optional ending.

Special features

  • Director-approved High Definition transfer from the original negative
  • Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition
  • Original and digitally-restored optional endings (Blu-ray only)
  • Original un-restored ending (5 mins, DVD only)
  • Three ethnographic documentary shorts directed by Barbet Schroeder: Le cochon aux patates douces (1971, 8 mins) about the Mapuga tribe’s feast of pigs with sweet potatoes; Maquillages (1971, 12 mins) which examines the different types of ceremonial make-up worn by the Mapuga tribe; Sing Sing (1971, 5 mins) on the ceremony of ‘Sing Sing’ practised by Papua New Guinea’s tribes
  • Theatrical trailers for Schroeder’s The Valley, More (1969) and Maîtresse (1974)
  • Illustrated 26-page booklet with rare on-set photographs, an essay, ‘Childhood’s End: Pink Floyd’s Music for The Valley (Obscured by Clouds)’ by Rob Young and an essay and new director interview by Emilie Bickerton, author of the recently published book A Short History of Cahiers du Cinéma

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