Thorgerson’s Work to Tour Abroad!

Storm ThorgersonStorm Thorgerson (the man responsible for designing many of Pink Floyd’s iconic album covers) is to have his work toured around the world in 2005 by Media Bitch! The director of Media Bitch, Robin Headlee, told NPF “[..]we will be taking the exhibition traveling in 2005. Our plans are for USA, Asia, Continental Europe, and then UK. I’ll keep you posted as the plans develop”. Please sign up for the NPF newsletter to remain informed.

The exhibition in London was a great success! Robin said, “[..] both Rick Wright and Nick Mason in attendance as well as quite a few of the other band members he has worked with and/or currently works with!”.

Although the exhibition has now closed, the limited edition signed and numbered prints are still available at and can be seen by appointment at John Martin Chelsea in London by calling +44 (0)20 7351 4818.”

Source: [ Robin Headlee -Media Bitch™ Director]